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Dear Senator Edwards

January 21, 2007

You went to undergrad at North Carolina State. You went to law school at UNC. This makes you part of the Wolfpack. You’re a cow tipper. I appreciate that you can come to all our games and get free media (smart play, I see they didn’t let you into law school fer nuttin). However, don’t play the role like you are a TAR HEEL. You don’t see me getting all excited about UT football, do you? I realize that once people step onto the lush greens in Chapel Hill they become instantly enamoured, and grad students (like Chris Matthews) forget their ties to their undergraduate institution. I understand all too well the power of the Old Well and Franklin Street and owning a Fetzer gym sweat shirt.

Just stop frontin.’ And good luck next year.

Meanwhile, in basketball land, the Heels show they’re on the road to recovery from the ass kicking handed to them by VT, and have realized that defensive play is actually something important to winning basketball.  See, Lavin, we can actually shoot from outside the perimeter fairly well.

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