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Had to spot light this

February 9, 2007

In among the responses to my post on the White Rapper Show, I found this:

see mark and rachel first the show isnt an ego trip its a creation that brings mental tears to this WHITE MANS eyes.As well as break the WHITE RACE down even more.A WHITE mc which is part of very few WHITE MEN in the rap game has very influential power as welll as the position in itself.What does he do? He fuckn makes a fuckn show that instesd of picking up WHITE rappers with potential and realistic about the game he makes them along with hiself a product of the stereo type and he feeds it were now it is stronger than it was before the show. second rachel gurl show some fuckn pride in yourself if she said nigga than put nigga the fuck is a n-bomb? Both persia and jus rhyme are fuckn lame as fuck all of them fuckn ghetto pass’s and you aint even ghetto shown the world that the stereo type is tru us WHITES do try to be something we aint.fuckn tryna sip drinks and imitate somebody from the streets it aint just the ghetto its different branches of one culture just different lifestyles but are related in some way i dont give a fuck if you neon blue.coming from this site dork nation you probably know about rock i cant stereo type yall but if you do look at the different branches of culture and lifestyle in rock what is punk death metal skaters all are different cultures and ways of life.but its how you live it and these muthafuckn fakes of the WHITE RACE are fuckn killn US why he aint get tru fuckn WHITE MEN and WOMEN in the fuckn show and start a MOVEMENT and try to reconstruct that pride that broke in the WHITE MAN i dont give a fuck if you stay in the ghetto the middle class which is me or the richest neighborhood in the country and you werent raised up around violence give disrespect toward your race a reaction with mojor violence even if you cant fight let tham FUCK ASS BITCH KNOW that you are a WHITE MAN or WOMAN let them know that the WHITE RACE will not stand for that shit NO MORE!We need to UNITE and stand for OUR skin we aint no fuckn crakas or white boys or gurls when somebody calls you that and mark you as a black man will feel my words that are bred from the the WHITESOUL and heard from the WHITE MOUTH! But you let them know your name and thats who you are as well as a WHITE MAN or WOMAN if they disrespect that you hit them dead in they shit and thats REAL mark you just cant understand me its a caucasion thang.and it aint a racist i love all races maybe one day as WHITE and BLACK we will come together and see we have too much in common.BUt like i was saying WHITES are ignorant to their history no not know fuck american history fuckn EUROPEAN history are roots are EUROPE and EUROPES flag is dark blu with 12 star going clock wise to represent EUROPEAN UNITY which we aint got in america baby gurl study you history you last name has meaning in some part of EUROPE could give a fuck if yall nerds do what yall type do just feel what im sayn*


THE WHITE MEN SHALL RIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

White Militant Rap would be the next big thing if it weren’t that all the White kids are “discovering” indie rock. At least that’s what the paper of record says. Anyway, this response is an interesting perspective, not unlike what Everlast and House of Pain attempted with their ethnic pride positions of the promotional materials associated with their first LP. Irish pride, not racism, be proud to be white (That song “Jump Around” still clears the dance floor at GASPANIC I hear). “Be true to yourself, don’t be a fake White person.” I guess.

So, this begs the question, what is a “real” White person? If these kids are being fake because they’re “acting black” (the unstated accusation in Ivory’s rant) what is it to “act white?” How is being a white rapper being fake? I know why Black people think so, and I thought I knew why White people thought so, until now . . .

*I’m avoiding the most obvious negative reading of Ivory’s post because to discuss whether or not Ivory’s post is racist would be boring.

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  1. February 9, 2007 5:11 pm

    What’s next white supremacist rap?

    Ok, I digress from Mark’s question.

    I love all of this talk about what a “real white person is supposed to be.” Aren’t white people diverse? Isn’t every group diverse?

    I have never seen “white unity/whiteness” used in a progressive way. In fact, I can’t imagine the rhetoric he’s spouting to be used for anything but white supremacist purposes.

    Ethnic unity/identity is a different point, and at least two of the people in the show have deomonstrated some connection to an ethnic identity–$hamrock and Sullee both seem to give clear signs of an ethnic consciousness.

    I’m rambling..but I can’t follow about half of the post, but what I can follow doesn’t seem to be anything but typical white supremacist discourse.

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