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Bizzy B

February 17, 2007

No, not the MC, but my state of affairs this week. I’m still trying to catch up and pound out articles and whatnot. All this stuff happened this week I wanted to put up my 2 cents about, however time just seems to slip slip slip into the future. So I’ll play catch up at the blog, too.

– The Instapundit advocated murder as a solution to stopping the progress of the Iranian nuclear weapons program, then defended his position by pointing to blog posts from his echo chamber, then giving the lame, “people should be worried about this issue I’m talking about instead of my indefensible position on that issue” defense. I know that the Con Law professor knows that in America we prefer to punish criminal acts rather than criminal intent that we intuit. I’m assuming he left out the idea that we should have evidence of these persons intent to do us harm because we’d just know that a law professor would not put forth the anti-American idea that we can just go around killing people for what they might be thinking of doing. Besides, I thought that libertarians prefer freedom to safety.

-Everyone’s talking about Obama’s “blackness” or lack thereof. It’s funny how dullards like Glen Beck are suddenly concerned about issues of identity within the Black community. Y’all just make me laugh and laugh with this stuff. You may be trying to hand Obama an honorary P.W. Botha White Pass now, however I would like to see how you would have reacted if he came to ask out your daughters when he was in college. I bet he wouldn’t have been “very White” then.

-Speaking of the white women and where they at, it seems people are still trying to make a meal of Harold Ford Jr’s choice for dates. See what happens when you hand out those White Passes? A brother gets all up in Merrill Lynch (HA! lynch). Now with that Merrill Lynch money he’ll be fighting those young ladies off with a wad of cash. I believe this is what we call unintended consequences. Snoogins.

-Still speaking of White women, Persia got booted from the White Rapper Show. She gave up. Well, good riddance. That’s what happens with bullies, you know, and she was nothing if not a bully. She picked the person she thought the weakest (John Brown) and tried to climb over his flabby body to victory (her final ten bars that Serch gushed over were just another attack on Brown). Like any bully, when it came time to be tough, she faltered. Now you can witness her lame dis battle with another show loser, Misfit, at their My Space pages. Manufactured “beef” does not a legend make. Unless you’re a blogger.

-The Village Voice, once the bastion of critical powerhouses has lapsed into hipster post-racism racism with their cover for the Pazz Jop poll, depicting Bob Dylan on a scooter running over Kyp from TV on the Radio (as saving graces, the New Times owned paper now regularly features Jim Ridley on film, brought back Greg Tate, and still has Musto). I suppose if you’ve never seen the ugly, turn of the century political cartoons about Jack Johnson, you wouldn’t think twice about the cover. So I suggest that all Ivy League hipsters stumbling out of Columbia J school into a Voice job take this Black History moment to look at the political cartoons of the era before doing that witty illustration depicting some figure in blackface. Bloggers too.

-Speaking of bloggers, some well read heavyweights, Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan got hired by John Edward’s campaign to shill blog. Then, shockingly, some conservatives complained about the blogger’s paper trail, and those bloggers got fired/quit/asked nicely to stop blogging. Well, it’s always a terrible thing when the rants and cries of shrill ultra-conservatives actually work to their ends. Still, I have to wonder what was the Edwards team thinking? Did they read the writings of those bloggers or did they just hire people based on affliation and hit counts? You have to be ready to defend every hire. If you aren’t able to stand behind them, you do them and yourselves a favor and let them go.

I continue to be mystified by the trend of campaigns hiring bloggers to shill for them on the Net. You want a shill, you should hire a professional shill. You want someone who is opinionated and used to expressing those opinions without an editor or a second voice second guessing every thought, well go right ahead, but don’t get all whiny when that opinionated person gets you a little unwanted publicity. It isn’t as if blogging is some hard science or mystical magic that must be mastered by years of intense blogging at the blog factory. I suppose the logic is, this person has a preexisting audience, so we can buy some credibility with the “netroots.” However, the Net = free. Politics = pay to play. We bloggers aren’t used to your world of playing the middle of the road. I suggest all future campaigns look in the PR intern pool for shills. It’s for your own good, really.

-Briefly, about Tar Heel hoops. I think Ty Lawson needs a hug. The freshmen have not progressed as far as one might have hoped. I do not know if we are a legitimate #1 seed in the tournament at this point. MOTO (it stands for Master of the Obvious, and is our acronym for my father, who is very smart, however tends to make predictions when things have nearly been decided) thinks it is Roy Williams fault for shuttling players in and out of the game too much. I think he’s wrong at least about shuttling the big men. It can’t be easy for them to run the floor all night. However, he may be correct when talking about the point guard position. Perhaps Ty needs more time to learn his position, and can’t get it when splitting time with Kid Quick and Bizzaro Matt Damon.

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