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ain’t tough enough

February 25, 2007

If there was any doubt that this years Heels hoops team is not a #1 seed, it should be clear by now. Their inability to play well in tight games is now proven at least 4 times over. Should they get out of the ACC tournament with a victory, I’ll give them props, they should definitely be a #1 seed after winnning the toughest tournament in the NCAA. Barring that, they’re a #2 seed at best. It’s not an unenviable position; you can sneak up on people from the two spot.

It’s a shame of course considering all the talent at Williams disposal. Can you coach toughness? I dunno.

Then again, this may keep those who think they were born ready to play in the NBA in school for another couple of years . . .

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  1. Jay permalink
    February 26, 2007 11:43 am

    Just blame another loss on Roy Williams. Roy has the most talent in the country and arguably the most talent that has ever been assembled at Chapel Hill. Roy has done a horrible job managing all the talent he has. Losses to mediocre teams like State, Maryland and twice to Va. Tech are inexcusable. Roy’s quest and zeal to appease his entire roster with playing time has caused the young and best recruiting class ever to underacheive. Ty Lawson is a beast and should be on the floor at all times. Brandon Wright is actually the best player on the team and that is no knock on Tyler. Brandon Wright can dominate a game and should not be taking a back seat and deferring to no one. Toughness is not the issue with this team. The uncertainity that has been created by Roy’s coaching decisisons is the problem. Roy… leave the young kids on the floor and let them play. Use Green, Fraiser, Miller the kid from Oakland only when the other players get in foul trouble. You have a once in a lifetime national championship squad in your hands….stop blowing it.

  2. February 26, 2007 1:34 pm

    Well, I don’t know about that, Jay. There’s no uncertainty; everyone knows the deal, about 30 minutes a game if you’re a star player, you run until you can’t if you can get into that rhythym. Big men just simply can’t be expected to play D hard, rebound AND run the floor all night without getting several breathers, it just can’t happen. Even Tyler, who has incredible lungs, can’t do it.

    Wright can dominate a game but he hasn’t when it counted. I don’t know if you’re from Nashville but he played AA basketball, which means a lot of small schools and not a lot of big men to face. He’s obviously got the talent however he isn’t quite used to facing the kind of big men he will face in the ACC every week. He has to get a little harder on that score. I don’t see how you can say he’s as tough as Tyler. Wright will be on point next year I’m sure. He can do it.

    The point guard is where I agree with you. I think Ty Lawson should play much more than he does. Not because he’s so great (he is damn good). I think a point guard needs more experience than the other positions. He can’t get it splitting time with others that much.

    Do you remember King Rice? Dean used to say how great he was from outside the 3 pt line in practice. He never really showed it in game. Maybe something is going on in practice that we don’t know about that tells Roy something we don’t know. If that’s the case, and the players are not executing in game, it isn’t his fault (totally).

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