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Ain’t that serious

February 27, 2007

A lesson in how not to start controversy. I made an observation meant to spark a chuckle. A.C. takes it and runs. Drawing Liz into comment on a blog comment. I suppose I should be flattered, Bud. I didn’t know you cared. I’m touched.

I didn’t respond to the “blog huddle” for the same reason you see posts here about two or three times a week. For instance, I’m at work late right now. When I get home, I have to write up an interview with RJD2, take me pops’ printer back to Circuit City, and it’s my turn to put the Little Dork to bed (the fun part!). I should get to sleep around 3 AM. I’m stretched thin as it is. I really did mean to get back to her, but well . . .

I didn’t see the race angle (I know you’re all shocked) to this, though that’s always been a small elephant following the Scene (and now all of the New Times papers) about. They’re always on the look out for a writer with a distinctive voice I trust.

FWIW, the Giancarlo Esposito quote was pretty funny.

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