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Who Is Afraid of General Thompson?

March 13, 2007

It’s hard to tell, sometimes, about groundswells of public opinion when you spend more than 10 minutes reading blogs. I don’t know whether it’s the desperate combat for clickery, or the zealotous nature of bloggadeers, however, when something happens like Fred Thompson hinting, I say hinting at a run for President, you get all these exclamation point type posts, and back and forth over what will happen.

Is it really that big a deal? Does he even have a shot of winning the his own party’s primary? Will he ever stop making that “I took too much damn Metamucil” face of his to garner a shot glass full of sympathy? The guy’s on TV, doesn’t mean he has charisma that translates into votes.

Anyone remember when he first started acting, and he’d have lots of lines like, “We need more ammo for the troops, we can’t do our damn jobs with our hands tied behind our backs!” He got those roles because he fit Hollywood’s vision and sound of a tough, military guy. I think he fits Washington’s vision of Giuliani with Mint Julip breath. Where does this “folksy straight talker” image come from? I guarantee you it doesn’t come from pigging out at craft services tables. I remember when he was driving around with Lorie Morgan, his image was anything but folksy. Now you Right side Tennesseans are trying to call him a true conservative? GEEEEDDDAFFFUUUGGOUTTAHEAH. Why? Because he thinks Roe V Wade is “Bad science?” (he did play a Dr once, though, so maybe he knows)

Admit it kids, you’re all star struck. You’re walking around with your lips all poked out, sad because you knew that none of the announced and virtually announced GOP candidates have much of a chance, and face it you don’t like McCain, we know. Then someone who has been in THE MOVIES! A LOT! Shows up, steps out of his limo and changes out of his Joseph Abboud suit into a flannel shirt and starts dusting off the Chevy truck. Our HERO! You cry. I laugh.

AC beat me to the punch (as did apparently Ken Whitehouse) but I hate to break it to you lot, Thompson is down with the Georgetown crew; Baker, Howard. Baker, James. Alexander, Lamar. Those guys know the gruff commander persona is Fred’s schtick. It put his kids through school (as if he needed help, bloody Watergate prosecutor). If he decides to run and does make it to the general election he will whip off that flannel shirt faster than you can make that Law and Order sound effect. That means, a soundbite like, “After taking a closer look at the situation in Iraq, I cannot support increasing the number of troops.” (which kinda sounds like Sen. Clinton, but that’s for another day)

Hey, if this was Freddy talking about getting into the governor’s race in TN I could understand the boneritis that seems to be spreading about. He could definitely win that seat running against an unpopular Dem in a year that is not immediately preceeded by Bush being President.

Otherwise, you lot are just dreaming. It’s cool, though, we all need heroes.

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  1. March 13, 2007 8:04 am

    You should’ve just emailed this directly to half the NiT blogroll.

  2. David permalink
    March 13, 2007 8:29 am

    Conservatives are excited about Thompson because he is an actual Conservative with a good shot at winning the general election. The three major Republican candidates now all have a major chance at winning, particularly Guiliani and McCain(both of who consistently outpoll Clinton now and have for a year or so). However, Conservatives have major reservations about these two, especially McCain. And Guiliani is pro-choice, an advocate of gun control, and has some other more liberal leanings that are anathema to Conservatives – they will probably mostly all vote for him if it is him versus Hillary, but they won’t feel great about some of what he stands for.

    And neither McCain or Guiliani have positions that Conservatives like on the illegal immigrant question. Most Conservatives(as do the vast majority of the American people), prefer a common sense “enforcement first” policy at the border. Since we already have laws that aren’t being enforced, nobody has any confidence that new laws are going to be enforced any better, and we’ll just end up with an amnesty or something like it and still have a seive at the border in the end. The same thing happened in ’86. We got the promises of closing the border along with the amnesty, but no follow through. Enforcement first is the answer. Let’s close the border now and prove we can get that under control, and THEN turn our attention to dealing with the illegals already here.

    So these are big issues the base has with our current front-runners.

    Enter Thompson.

    You say he’s not a true Conservative, but I disagree. His voting record is very clear, and very Conservative. Eight years of it in the Senate. There are only a few blips to kvetch about – namely campaign finance reform from his buddy McCain, but he is unequivocally pro-life, for an enforcement first policy at the border, pro tax-cuts, etc. etc. His rhetoric and his votes all show these to be the case.

    And his rheotoric is straight and UNEQUIVACOL. When asked about abortion or the border on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Thompson didn’t hem and haw. He didn’t dodge, or answer the question with “wiggle room” to try and satisfy all. He just said what he believed in and defended it. How many other of the frontrunners from either party are being so direct about these touchy issues? It’s refreshing.

    So he’s a true Conservative, without any of the baggage the top three candidates currently have. And better than that – he can win. Thompson is a very disarming public figure. People instinctively like and trust him, and he gives off an air of authority and gravitas. He is the kind of candidate the general public really responds to when they get the chance, which sadly is pretty rare. Not many have his “persona” – and none of the top tier candidates from either party have his inherent genuine likability and sense of command.

    Fred Thompson will be a formidable candidate if he chooses to run. He not only is a Republican who can win the general election, but he’s a Republican that Conservatives can be proud to support as well.

  3. March 13, 2007 11:31 am

    Best post I’ve seen on the subject.


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