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BRACKET! Carolina National Champs! (again)

March 15, 2007

This will be a shock. I’ve got Carolina going all the way to a championship, though I’m skeptical. However, I’ve picked the Heels to win it all, after squeaking by Ohio State in the Final Four and facing Florida in the championship. I’m worried about that one, too. UCLA is capable of winning the whole thing. Texas A&M could scare OSU. The bracket is here.

Working in the Heels’ favor:

Four future NBA players start (and maybe two more on the bench)
Roy Williams
A deep bench
Two big men who can run the floor all game
The fastest point guard in the country running a secondary break

Working against them:

Mental issues: they tend to lose concentration somewhere late in the first half and get tight in tight games
Hansbrough’s mask: He ain’t scurred but I don’t think he sees very well
They’re expected to get to the Final Four, yet few prognosticators think they will win the title
Ty Lawson and Brendan Wright may have their mind on the NBA draft already
They have a huge target on their back because of the program’s history

I don’t have that many upsets in my bracket. I’ve got a few lower seeds beating higher ones however not too many people will be surprised if Duke beats Pitt, for example (Yes, I think they can win even though they will have a terrible time with Pitt’s defense)

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