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Vince Young’s Dubious Achievement Award

April 17, 2007

ESPN reports that Titans’ QB Vince Young will be on the cover of EA Sports Madden 2008, the NFL game simulator. Not that big a deal, or is it? The folks at EA Sports have decided that this is the player whose jersey kids (and grown men) all over the country will be sporting over the next several years. They’ve decided he’s the face of the NFL, and so may a host of other companies who make dollars from pro football. Fans of this jock-ish version of Dungeons and Dragons know that in the past such similarly abled athletes like Michael Vick have been on the game’s cover. The honor hasn’t always been a predictor of on-field success, if such success is measured by Super Bowl rings. Still, it’s got to be as much a thrill for a young cat, perhaps as much as winning an MVP, if you’ve grown up in the console game era, like Young has.

I would have liked to have seen myself on the cover of Mattel Intellivision’s NASL Soccer . . .

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  1. April 18, 2007 9:05 am

    “The honor hasn’t always been a predictor of on-field success”…

    Hasn’t it been a pretty good indicator of certain injury? Didn’t Vick break his leg the year he was on Madden?

    This scares me!

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