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CBC and Fox. SFW.

May 2, 2007

Many in the “blackosphere” have been expressing their discomfort (to put it mildly) with the Congressional Black Caucus’ decision to hold a televised debate between the Democratic presidential campaign primary contestants (most of whom have dropped out of that debate, making the point moot). Some bloggers have seen the act as tantamount to Tomism and have called on the current members to be ingored when their reelections roll around.

I’m reminded of the debate around whether the CBC should have allowed Congressman Cohen to join, when many netroots types were aghast at their refusal (as were, quite cynically, many on the right).

And so the same response is necessary for the Fox matter as it was for the Cohen matter. Why people have this romantic notion of the CBC as some bulwark of power for the people is kind of befuddling me. Smart people who portend to be knowledgeable about politics seem to fail to realize that, no matter what puffery the CBC has on their mantle, they’re still after all a group to support members. They’re no more an advocacy organization than the DNC is an advocacy organization. Complaining about the CBC taking money from Fox is like arguing a dog shouldn’t bark.

The Democrats running for President avoided the Fox/CBC debate as they’ve avoided most everything associated with Fox this year. The people they’ll be counting on to vote for them in the primary have long ago made their voices heard about RNC-TV . . . I mean Fox. I’m sure the CBC has been aware of how tiresome some of us find the blabbermouths passing as journalists and opinon leaders on the network, and it didn’t factor into their decision one bit apparently. Forming the debate partnership would be a dimwitted political move if the CBC had an interest in winning support, however it appears that wasn’t the main concern. The leadership of the caucus likely thought the partnership would increase the organization’s profile and help line some pockets.

Now some members are bravely (that’s sarcasm) speaking out in favor of pulling out of the partnership now that the major candiates have dropped out and the “grassroots” organizations have weighed in.

If they stay the course or cancel, this event probably wont even reach footnote level in the future. The Blogosphere likes playing David to Goliath. That’s a good thing, because there are certainly enough giants that deserve to fall. I think the rocks are just going to bounce off this one, though. In the end, is it worth expending the energy?

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