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What Really Goes On

May 30, 2007

Yeah, except for the photo below I haven’t been doing much blogging. I’m trying to get back on track with the non Internets type of writing, however the results have been less than stellar. It’s tough when you’re writing most of the day and then at night, those things that pay the bills. I’m having a hard time staying awake even now.

So, even with that whiny paragraph, I’ll delve further into insanity at the beginning of June. Ron Wynn, the estimiable jazz expert and entertainment writer for the Nashville City Paper, Jazz Times, and other publications, is going halves with me on a new blog project. It’s going to be another arts and entertainment blog, tenatively called Stylesfree, which will start off as a site until I get the server side stuff working (I may be begging Jaxn for help, lol).

We started the conversation about the project not long after the Imus incident and all of the subsequent hip hop hate we saw in the various forms of media delivery. We see, especially in this geographic region, a need for thoughtful, knowledgeble commentary on arts and entertainment from the perspective of people of color, women, GLBT, voices without the control of corporate masters, without limitations based on your location.

Stylesfree wont be another hip hop blog, though the music and culture will be a focus. As we both have MSM ties already, we aren’t a couple of guys looking to get picked up by after a few blog posts. Since we’re both in Nashville, we will give some consideration to local acts, just don’t assume we’re going to be a cheerleader for your soon to be famous garage band. I know y’all, and I like (some of) y’all, however, we’re critics, so expect us to write like we are.

We are looking for some contributors for the future as the blog expands (if it does). We have a couple in mind atm that we hope will join and add perspective we don’t have. We’re interested in just about anything, though we’re hunting for people to talk about a&e from a Latin/Hispanic perspective. Ron is a prolific music writer with vast sums of literary energy (at one point he was writing for the Scene, City Paper, Jazz Times etc several pieces in each, plus holding down a day job) so you should bring your A game (I’m working on my D game but since I’m the originator I get cut a little slack).

We will do some writing on sports as well, however, I don’t know how objective I can be about college sports. Jeez, does this mean I’ll actually have to pay attention to Vandy games? 😉

And more insanity: Ron has a radio show and I’m going to be making semi regular appearances this summer. Now that I read that I realize I’m totally off my nut, gone right ’round the bend.

Not sure yet how Dork Nation will be affected. As a result of the new blog, this blog may be introduced to the concept of the brief post.


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