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LOLFRED number deux

June 15, 2007

Has nemesisboy returned as a Fred Thompson supporter?

Fred is going to be both President and Vice President at the same time. He will then serve eight years in four so we all can lay around for four years in peace.


We have never seen another candidate like Fred Thompson and we are not likley to see another.

He is a cool dude, waiting outside the gate watching the party inside. The people in the party he is watching are really not having a good time. They are just going thru the required dance steps. Their face muscles are tired from smiling. Fred knows that.

Also they are tired of digging into the pocket book constantly. Fred knows that.

Fred is standing outside fresh and beholding to no one. He still has the dollars in his pocket he had this morning. The rest of them have to go to another fund raiser to replace the few million they have already blown. Fred knows that.

Tonight Fred will not have sore tendons from shaking hands, sore feet, sour stomach and a headache. The candidates cannot even get peace in the bathroom. He goes home and decides to wait a bit more. He is up on the modern world and knows what the Internet can do for him especially with the new blog mania. Almost everything on the web is free.

You can go to the bathroom without looking like an ordinary person. Overheard, “Gosh, it never occurred to me Presidental candidates went to the bathroom.” Now Fred is in about second place and he STILL has not spent any money. He just went to the bathroom alone and he will go home and enjoy his beloved family. They are the real reason he plans on being Mister President. He enjoys knowing he does not have to be like everyone else. Our enemies will learn that about Fred, also.

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  1. June 15, 2007 10:11 pm

    I hate to hog this page however it is great fun to see one’s own opinion in such a class place.

    I thank you and hope you go to and scroll to the bottom and see the beginning of our creating one million blogs for Fred on the to be started next week.

    Don Jones

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