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Digby, indignant

June 21, 2007

Duly noted, the speech given at the Take Back America conference. Also duly noted, Glen Greenwald’s gushing post about the speech during which he condenmed the MSM for looking down it’s nose at bloggers.

Not having ever read Hullabaloo (guess my disbarment from the Progressive Bloggers League Organization is now complete*) I shrugged twice and went to see what others had to say on it. I came across an interesting post (and blog). Blue Gal spoke thus:

Excuse me, nice speech, nice canapes, but can we please get on with the revolution now?

Needs context I suppose. The quip was in agreement with someone she quoted who said that mainstream bloggers enjoy the separation between the MSM and bloggers because it allows them to stand in opposition to The Man when they actually are damn near The Man.

Though that kind of sounds like “Civil Rights groups only exist to agitate racial differences to make themselves important,” it has a ring of truth.

It’s funny to me, as much as bloggers wet our diapers whenever some columnist or otherwise well ensconced MSM type person says unkind words about bloggers or blogging, we sure do seem to crave attention from the MSM. Think about it, how many times have you seen a blogger quite excitedly post that they appeared in some newspaper article or MSM sponsored blog, and then waited for the adulatory comments under the post (which are sure to come)? Forget about getting a book published, people start fainting over the sheer wonderousness of having your writing recognized by a wider audience and big time MSM publisher.

Making comparisons to high school social behavior is old hat. I’ll just call it the same old in-group/out-group dynamic in action. I hate you because I’m not popular, so I’ll show you how wrong you are about me by becoming popular.

I suppose because I’m somewhat MSM co-opted (are alt.weeklies, anime DVD liner notes and rap magazines mainstream?) I don’t quite understand. So what if some ridiculously co-opted by Hollywood critic hates online film journalism? Why ring the alarm bells of elitism? If Jane Editor thinks you lot all wear PJs all day and live on bologna in Mom’s basement, who cares?

I don’t think there’s any great fear of blogging that has journalists gripping their sheets in terror at night. They’re just expressing an opinion as we do. They have their medium, so do bloggers. Two different exercises. Oh, yeah, perhaps the MSM’ers a little jealous because everyone is talking about bloggers these days, how we’ve flexed so much muscle and parted the Red Sea and whatnot. Subsumed jealousy is the hallmark of any writer committed to craft. But seriously, who cares. Stop snitchin.’

So yeah, bloggers are great and good and blogging is being recognized as a force in the world of opinion making and butt kicking and name taking. Just struck me as funny that people with nine billion hits a day like the Salon folks and Digby are so indignant.

*There are issues I have with the “progressive blogosphere” and some things Digby said. Revolutionary participatory Democracy? I’ll agree with Digby when there’s Internet access is every home.

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  1. June 21, 2007 5:32 pm

    Wow what a great post and I’m not just saying that because you linked me. (Pffft.) What else ya got? Adding you to my blogroll so I can find out.

  2. June 21, 2007 6:03 pm

    Me? I got nothin’.

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