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Sicko: mini

June 29, 2007

It’s imperative that people put their opinions of Michael Moore to the side and watch his new documentary on our health care/health insurance industrial complex. It’s a compelling, humorous, and at times touching compare/contrast look at our health care system vs. the publically funded health care systems around the world. If you come out of the film complaining that he wasn’t even handed, just either start googling for more info when you get home or don’t bother attending. Moore clearly wants us to at least consider embracing universal health care, and this documentary is as much persuasive as it is investigatory. Though he’s less acerbic than his past two works, he still brings his goofy, midwestern sense of humor to a very serious topic.

If we can’t go with Kucinich’s plan for immediately instituting a Universal system, we need to look at plans that begin to wean ourselves from the private system where too many go without insurance, where insurance companies deny treatment and coverage to those who most need it, where pharmacuitical companies have us by the bozak.

See y’all at the theater.

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