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Now You Can Buy A Helicopter! « Watching The Defectives

July 6, 2007

Now You Can Buy A Helicopter! « Watching The Defectives

Discussing the future of the “Nashville is Talking” blog aggregator and the confluence of “old” and “new” media in general. On his A-game.

It’s typical of a news station to view the NiT project with an evening news mindset. Oh, it’s all about who is in the chair, less about the words coming out of their mouth. Yes, having a good skin puppet is important, however the social networking aspect of NiT is what made it popular*. It wasn’t simply a “circle jerk,” it was a fairly well guided user group where people made interpersonal connections via a moderator. So “rethinking” NiT is pretty stupid when there ain’t all that much to think about. Oh, if you’re trying to turn it into another profit making/ratings making arm of the station, yeah you better rethink (Google ads not working out?).

Perhaps synergy was the issue. NiT viewers perhaps rarely turned into News 2 viewers, though occasionally News 2 viewers called their grandkids to help them get to one of the web sites featured on BG’s weekly web recap.

I don’t have any advice for you station managers trying to figure out how to make the think work like you want, not really having any idea what you want in the first place.

Hey, remember when Pith in the Wind had skilled writers posting a bunch of links? That was . . . er . . . something, wasn’t it?

*It also contributed to mob formations on occasion.


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