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Confederacy of Moderates

July 10, 2007

The middling moderates running for the GOP nomination for President appear to be all at sea at the moment. McCain, the Defense Moderate, lost his campaign manager and well known architecht of the “Call Me” ad, Terry Nelson, among others. Nelson and his people were probably too expensive now considering McCain only has about 39 cents on hand to spend on his campaign. Looks like McCain will stay in for awhile. He can run a low budget campaign, however he’s going to need a d*ckhead like Nelson if he hopes to find ways to get free media. On the other hand, it was likely Nelson’s decision making that caused the budget problems in the first place.

Giuliani, the Law and Order Moderate, is suffering the slight burn of a few scandals. The latest has one of his confidantes, Sen. David Vitter, being named in the DC madame scandal. Coupled with Ravendal’s indictment on cocaine charges, looks like the morality police in the GOP are going to have even more reason to give the New Yorker a sideways glance.

Now, the political handicappers have Romney as the beneficiary of McCain’s apparent fall from grace. That’s funny, ‘cuz the USA Today shows Giuliani with a lead in a national poll, and conventional wisdom would suggest the 9/11 mayor should feel pretty comfortable at this point.

Of course down here in Tennessee, all thoughts turn towards Fred Thompson, the Stealth Moderate. With the Defense Moderate’s campaign on life support and the Law and Order Moderate’s campaign showing some cracks in the armor, the Stealth Moderate is the one GOP moderates are likely to turn to. BUT . . . but, Thompson hasn’t been doing a very good job distancing himself from Bush so far. I don’t think he’s going to get attacked from the left of his party in the primary, however, he’s leaving himself a big problem during the general election should pigs fly and he gets nominated.

Of course I believe it’s dumber than dumb to run as a hard right neo-con in this climate, however, I can see his strategy after studying what possessed McCain to hire Terry Nelson and his crew in the first place. McCain and his advisors believed he was hurt during his last run because he was too much the outsider. He courted Bush insiders as he prepared to run this time, and Nelson is one of Karl Rove’s favorite students. Thompson may also believe that for now, without Giuliani’s star power (NY star power >>> Nashville star power), it’s a good idea to stick close to Bush in terms of building support.

If that is his thinking, er, bud, think again. Bush is dragging the GOP down every day he tries to remain upbeat and positive about Iraq. The public is not having any of it, even if the GOP House and Senate do stick with Bush and don’t publically oppose him on Iraq.

But hey, don’t take my advice, I don’t want to see you win. 🙂

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  1. July 11, 2007 6:32 am

    The GOP is intellectually bankrupt. Only a party completely out of ideas, or too cowed by special interests to put those ideas into motion, would put ideology over fact time and time again. Yet, they do. They continue to follow Bush over the cliff, harboring some bizarre notion that they can later deny they ever did it. Sorry, Lamar, you can’t pretend to be anti-surge now when 6 weeks ago you voted for it.

  2. July 12, 2007 9:23 am

    McCain is now the sweater candidate, from what I’m reading.
    ***deep, bone-rattling sigh***
    And now, we are going into fear mode again.
    All of this not only makes me tired, but very sad at the state of our nation.


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