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It’s gettin hot in hurrrr

November 20, 2007

Nothing more to say about the Clinton/Obama/Novak sleezy threesome that except that supporters of either are getting pretty good at repeating talking points. A quick check of the political blogs discussing the matter show Clinton supporters nearly verbatim repeating Howard Wolfson’s press release calling Obama inexperienced (one of their weaker attack points, come on Wolfie, you must do better. I know it’s tough to attack the Brotha . . .). Meanwhile, the Obama supporters are simply lauding his fine strategic thinking.

My thinking is that Democrats remain the sheep I knew you to be. Get you riled up, feed you a few snappy lines to repeat at the water cooler and you’re a bloody lot of skin puppets you are. Still with the linear thinking! Sheesh. What’s really going on? Novak loves nothing more than attention. Nor can he keep a secret. Pour a background comment down his throat and he can’t wait to spit, he’s like a fluffer on an amateur porn set. Whoever fed him the bit knew this, or at least should have known.

To me, both candidates’ teams look like they got played. Obama’s team was correct in their response, it was just too much of a good thing. Appear to be a man with nothing to hide, even if you do have some skeletons, by challenging the rumor mongers to come out with it. By clipping Clinton with the retort, he appeared to be overzealous. The first thing the Clinton team should have done, considering the source of the information, was to come out and say, “Dude, my name is Bernice and I got nothing to do with this piece!” Unless they really did . . .  There is a time to take time out from going on the offensive, even in a close race, no point in slipping in the lines about inexperience, cuz to me buds, that seemed like a Bush league play.

Meanwhile, Novak, for a brief moment, appeared to be relevant in Washington again. Sorry, bud. Those days are gone.

Still meanwhile, Huckabee has garnered the endorsement of the last 10 political cycles. Not since Rosie Greer stood alongside Robert Kennedy as their been such wonderment. Of whom do I speak?

NATURE BOY RICK FLAIR mo**** fu****z!

Huckabee wins. Wooooooooooooooooo.


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