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They Have Targeted Their Heels

December 22, 2007

A sexual scandal of a different sort coming out of the Research Triangle, from Hippy Hill rather than Durham. Two members of the UNC football team were found in their skivs bound to a chair while a third was passed out with his hands immoobile. Seems the lads met up with some chaste young women (both around 30 years old) at a bar (two who just happened to be with a male friend). The kids sat around discussing Poli Sci final exams over glasses of milk and biscuits, then went back to the football players apartment to play some chess.

Okay, I shouldn’t joke about this. The guys met up with some . . . opportunistic people who figured they could lure the athletes into compliance with a little rough sex play and once they had the kids in a compromising position, they robbed the kids and left.

According to the AP report, the two women involved in the robbery have also been charged with sexual assault. The DA, quoting the police report, says there was consensual sexual contact, until said contact became something the athletes didn’t want. Good old WRAL has more detailed reports.

These days, there is a target on your back if you are a high level athlete. There’s been puffery from the thuggish types out there that they are checking for opportunities to rob athletes (I wonder if MTV Cribs has something to do with it). I just didn’t know we were at a point in our society (and within our “community”) that people are targeting college kids. These guys haven’t made any (real) money yet.

However, kids being kids will make themselves easy targets. A cynic, perhaps someone who thinks ill of all athletes, or at least someone who has an idea what some guys on a college football team might go through when they’re stuck in Chapel Hill for a holiday when everyone has gone home after finals,  might wonder if these young kids weren’t luring the young women back to their place with smooth talk but talk of benjamins? The mother of one of the man arrested in the case makes claims that tends to support the more cynical view. I does kinda look sketchy.

Kids who have judgment like this, however impaired by alcohol, tend to get suspended from the NFL for a season. And lose their appeal.

Lesson learned, guys? I mean, Coach should know already. When he was at Miami one of his players got wet up.

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