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Everybody’s Hip Black Friend

January 13, 2008

(this post is not about me. I have no friends)
A “Hillary adviser” made this statement to the Guardian.

“If you have a social need, you’re with Hillary. If you want Obama to be your imaginary hip black friend and you’re young and you have no social needs, then he’s cool.”

From Rolling Stone’s campaign blog.

We’ve had other tastes of this hither and yon. It’s my guess that some HRC supporters have taken it under advisement that it might be wise to toss out a few subtle race based attacks.

Then you have Bill Clinton’s uncharacteristic political misstep with “fairy tale gate.”

Bill, my old bud, do you remember how Black people went bloody bat shit when Republicans tried to impeach you? You know, how they saw you as one of their own and defended you as such? The attacks on  you and your wife made you appear super hyper sympathetic figures.

Starting to sound like the same thing is happening to Obama. Right now, it’s just a whisper. It could soon become a roar.

If this is a game of making an out of school statement and then withdrawing, knowing that it’s already out there and has had an effect, I’d say that’s a dangerous game to play.

Yes, you do have to attack Obama at this point. I shouldn’t have to tell you how carefully you have to execute the attacks. You can’t have sloppy people out there, and you can’t be sloppy.

The irony in this is of course that Obama is no one’s “hip” Black friend. He may be the “safe” Black friend, the “smart” Black friend, the “acceptable” Black friend who “wont make a big deal out of race and get all racial.” Hip is not an adjective we associate with Sen. Obama (is “hip” an adjective you can associate with anyone holding the title “Senator?”). I bet he doesn’t even know who Nigo is. Whoever made the comment quoted at the beginning of this post must be about 60 years old.

See also The New Yorker: After New Hampshire, A Hint of Racial Politics.

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  1. January 13, 2008 12:01 pm

    this post is not about me. I have no friends

    I wish you wouldn’t say things like that out here where everyone can see them. I’ve gone to great lengths to photoshop you and Obama into a ton of pictures of me I’ve been flashing around town so as to appear more cool.

    Otherwise, yeah, exactly.

  2. January 24, 2008 10:22 am

    The Clintons are pulling this kind of stuff now. I can’t (or, actually, I probably can) imagine what the right wing is going to be pulling in the general election.


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