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Nevada Democratic Debate: Somnambulant

January 16, 2008

It was as if the crew of the starship Enterprise shot through a wormhole and did something with the space time continuum and returned everything to the way it was in October.

Obama: I’m good enough, I’m strong enough, and doggone it, people really like me.
Clinton: I’m really really really really really competent. AND I have a plan to show you how competent I am.
Edwards: Hello? I’m still in this thing, mayne
Kucinich: Hey, unlock this darn door!

Owing to recent circumstance, all the candidates present played it safe. If anyone helped their cause it was Edwards, who appeared to have slept well and seemed vibrant. I’m sure everyone recognized how tired and sleepy Clinton and Obama appeared, likely either staying awake worrying on how to approach an evening possibly filled with minefield questions on race, or watching Adult Swim.

I know many people considered the night a win for Sen. Clinton — like Matthews, who was obsequious in overstating his point — but she appeared to hold fast where she is, and has been, which is the national favorite and poll leader. Allowing her to take the first question and address the race issue first allowed her to set the tone, even though Edwards had the best answer.

The candidates clearly sought to pull back from the tensions that were developing and make this an agreement rather than a debate. That’s probably good for the party going into the general election however it also favored Sen. Clinton as it allowed her to reiterate the (weak) experience argument.

The pundits and psuedo pundits will call this one for Hillary. I say slight bump to Edwards, but status quo holds.


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