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The Wire: Season 5 Ep 3 review: Your Blood Lust Soon Satiated

January 22, 2008

“Not For Attribution”
(Yes, this is late but today was a rough one. It’s getting harder to get things straight as the season progresses since I’m seeing several episodes at a time. Sorry, it’s hard to wait!)

Well, for those who missed Omar and his amoral code of the streets, you’ll be happy. He’s coming back to Baltimore and he ain’t too happy about why.

McNulty continues with his dastardly plan to hot wire the Marlo investigation. Bunk, still in disbelief and anger, calls the old wise man Freemon to talk some sense into McNulty. Well, Freemon, who has had a boner for Marlo too finds the only problem with McNulty’s plan is the execution (ha) and decides to help out. Bunk is left speechless.

At the Sun, we continue to get a look at the inner workings of today’s MSM daily newspapers. Alma’s big murder story gets pushed down from below the fold front page to somewhere deep in local news (a feeling I understand well). Chris continues to fudge, and a long time city beat reporter gets a buy out. Chris’ fudge includes a fake quote in a story about Burrell’s imminent firing implicating Daniels in the deal. This of course means bad things for Daniels down the road.

As Burrell feels the heat and tries to go out with a little dignity (and possibly a little payback) Davis is, as expected, going kicking and screaming. Nerese Campbell is the emerging political powerhouse, making moves behind the scenes that will leave most unhappy and herself in the mayor’s seat after Carcetti makes his moves on Annapolis.

Michael takes Duke and Bug to an amusement park, however his bosses in the drug trade are not amused at his absence. It doesn’t appear for the moment that Michael is actually having second thoughts that will change his life path, as probably everyone watching hopes.

The big news: Marlo, still looking for payback on Omar, buys information from Prop Joe’s nephew (Method Man) and puts a hit on Omar’s old buds (Butch) at the bar. Butch doesn’t give up Omar and dies, and word gets to Omar, who is hold up in what could be Puerto Rico. The episode ends with a close-up of Omar’s face as he tears up. Bring the pain.

The drama and bloodletting have ratcheted up a few notches. The story around the paper, though it will clearly be integral to at least two of the other parallel story lines, seems too ripped-from-the-headlines despite Clark Johnson’s great low key work. Having seen episode 4 already I can tell you it only gets better.

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  1. January 22, 2008 1:35 pm

    Although I enjoy Omar’s return his role on the show is so over the top that kind of distracts from the realism. Then again the same could be said for McNulty’s craziness.
    It feels like the Micheal story sort of parallels McNulty in a vague way.


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