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Obama – Sebelius 08!! (Sebe-who?): Endorsement Mania

January 29, 2008

As you’ve likely read and heard, Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius is expected to endorse Sen Obama for the Democratic nomination either today or tomorrow, or certainly before Friday. Sebelius is a blue lady in a red state who has been able to draw the Republican voters to her side who are the majority in Kansas. Hey, they don’t give the State of the Union rebuttal to amateurs.

It’s a bit too obvious to suggest that Sebelius would be a good choice as Obama’s running mate based on gender alone. She has a stronger playing card which is her ability to attract midwestern independents and red meat republicans to vote for her. That’s what she accomplished in her bid for governor. It’s likely that it could work for her in any state she chose to run in. BUT does that mean she could do the same in a Presidential campaign as second banana to the first African-American candidate?

Sure it’s all early speculation. There’s nothing to suggest that Sen. Edwards wouldn’t do just as well attracting the independent/moderate Republican voter. However, Edwards — should he have to drop out after the 5th of next month — could still endorse Sen. Clinton. hahahahhahahahahahhaha.

As long as we’re playing the gender card and talking endorsements, it seems the NY chapter of the National Organization for Women REALLY didn’t appreciate Sen. Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama. They wrote a little song about it, like to hear it? Hear it go! Well, kids, that’s how we do it on the left hand side. If you aren’t with us, you aren’t only against us, you’re a rotten back stabbing bast*rd. And we hope you die.*

So Obama scored endorsements from three women statewide office holders (Gov Napolitano (AZ) and Sen. McCaskill (MO) along with Sebelius) and he got the Kennedys to sprinkle some fairy dust on his head. Can the Al Gore endorsement be far off? Gore’s said he’s staying neutral. He probably will hold fast to that. Still, the rumor mongers and pundits are silently screaming that an endorsement is just around the corner, some claiming a desire for revenge would motivate him to come out, others that former Clinton-ites/friends like Bob Reich and Kennedy have made it safe for establishment Dems to back away from the front runner. I don’t find the Vice President to be a vindictive person. It isn’t in the make-up of the inventor of the Internet to engage in something with as much impact as this with out consideration (meetings, briefings, phone calls, tea and biscuits). Most who claim there will be blood an endorsement claim it would come after Super Tuesday. Shows how much they know. Why would someone who only wants to make another party look bad wait until after the action could do the most damage. He’s not gonna say anything with Tennessee on the table?

Sen. Clinton bolted for Tennessee State University just after South Carolina was called for Obama, then at Billy Kyle’s church in Memphis soon after. I dunno who told her, but apparently she thought she better shore up Black support in this state. Pres. Clinton was at Fisk earlier (the current president of the University is Hazel O’Leary, former Energy Secretary under Clinton and a fine human being). Tennessee is in play, and a Gore endorsement would be huge.

At any rate, with all the talk of vengeance, if Gore is to endorse, he might wait until the die is cast to avoid the appearance of impropriety. Then again, he might not (you Tenner-seans may scroll down to avoid all the yankee talk and get to the juice. might I add this dude has been right a lot this cycle).

Still don’t see how it could be bigger than Oprah.

Getting numbers on the worth of a particular endorsement is like . . . uhm . . . really difficult (it’s late and the witty metaphor machine has shut down for the night, I used them all on a review of a new record). However, these endorsements seem to be as important to those giving them as to those receiving them. Look at this piece from the LA Times blog on conflict in Los Angeles over a union’s choice to endorse Clinton.

The murmurs are that after Iowa elected officials were clawing at the doors of local Obama campaign offices trying to offer up endorsements. I imagine that New Hampshire primary cooled some heels. The South Carolina win may have emboldened more. Getting interesting now, lads.

*the National NOW soon after issued a presser with a different tone.

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  1. bridgett permalink
    January 29, 2008 9:36 pm

    NY NOW is fucking up my activist life right now with their horseshit. I wish I could say that it was one hotheaded second waver with a fax machine, but sadly no…that’s kind of how they roll, which is why they are becoming less relevant on the ground up here all the time. However, it makes life very difficult for those of us trying to do cross-class and inter-racial feminist political organizing — tired of having to ‘splain them, trying to ‘splain that my feminism doesn’t share all that much in common with theirs, etc. And they control so damn much of the public imagination and have their numbers in all the MSM rolodexes — it’s like the whole Feminista! wave of organizing that we (activists around 40 and younger) think is so much more effective and interesting just isn’t even on the radar. One stupid damn fax and they control the news cycle and erode what little trust we manage to try to build. National NOW knew it was stupid too…but damage done, ladies. Damage already done.

  2. Denise permalink
    January 30, 2008 7:04 am

    I enjoyed your insights, Mark. Thank you.


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