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While They Debated in LA, Edwards Sat In God’s Country

February 1, 2008

Rather than rush home after work to turn on the Los Angeles debate, I settled into the couch to watch North Carolina crush Boston College. I suppose another lawyer type was of a similar mindset, as sitting near center court chatting it up with Stacy Dales was our boy John Edwards, cold chillin’ in a Carolina blue ¼ zip sweater, hair bloody well perfect.

I don’t know if Edwards was aware of the loving eulogies being delivered about him on the other side of the country as the two remaining candidates in the Democratic primary prostrated themselves in front of Edwards’ committed and potential delegates. Both Senators made the debate about Edwards, from Clinton going on (and on) about her “universal” (snort) health care plan and Obama reminding us that he was right about the Iraq War from the beginning. Also, apparently in deference to Edwards’ admonishments, they cooled out the acrimony and even put a little hands on each other.

In fact, they kinda looked like a married couple up there – their temperaments seem to match. Obama, slightly detached and confident, Clinton demonstrative and always up to prove her worth. So perhaps they were both being a little too coy when they answered Blitzer’s question about would either agree to serve as the Vice-President (alas, neither is going to ask the other).

The debate, like most of these debates have been, was more conversation than confrontation. Save Obama’s droll one liners and Clinton’s boisterous laugh, there wasn’t much excitement, certainly not the constant celebrity crowd shots (Ooh, there’s that guy from that show! And . . . who was that? Didn’t she used to be famous? Okay, yeah, I could identify everyone, but that’s my job). The Carolina game, even though a blow-out by halftime, was more exciting than the debate. Edwards probably could have left to watch the debate, however he made the second smart decision in a week.

Clinton and Obama are looking for him to make another decision about making an endorsement, though it appears he’s going to bide his time. I’m hearing no chatter. He may not have to. Polls released today regarding the post Edwards stance of Tennessee dems suggests that the Edwards voters are moving to Sen. Clinton. It’s a state dominated by conservative Democrats and voters with a tendency to bandwagon. That Edwards’ support in the state moves to Clinton confirms that Edwards had traction with socially conservative economic populists. What other things that may suggest I leave up to you.

I doubt the trend will be mirrored in other states with a stronger anybody but Clinton movement. I expect Edwards voters to move to Obama – the netroots already has. The netroots probably ads to Obama’s online fundraising, but I don’t know how it will affect his delegate count.

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  1. March 4, 2008 10:46 am

    I used to never listen to country music, but it’s changed. A lot of it is more mainstream and I like that. Plus the women are hot and that makes everything better!


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