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Bigger than Super Tuesday: Super Wednesday – UNC vs Duke I – 2008

February 5, 2008

A far more important contest than that which would help determine the leader of the world’s largest economy and military power, the yearly contest between Duke and Carolina, and as usual between two top five teams.

Ty Lawson (UNC’s starting point guard) injured his ankle in the Sunday game vs FSU and is highly questionable for Wednesday. Duke, lacking a strong interior game, is playing as many as four guards at once this year, running a Phoenix Suns style offense. Lawson’s presence on defense would be imperative to help out with their scheme.

However, his absence may not be all that catastrophic. Ginyard and Green match up well with Nelson and Paulus and given a good effort will limit their scoring from the outside. Carolina doesn’t need to run a fast break against Duke since they don’t have anyone who can challenge Hansbrough or shut down Thompson or Stephenson.

Look for the game to be as physical as it was last year. All you outsiders to this rivalry think Duke players walk on water and shit diamonds because the school has a good academic record. The team has a history of walking a thin line with physical play, however they almost always seem to get away with it.

I’m making a call, Carolina wins by 8 after a close, relatively low scoring game.

That is, unless Lawson isn’t really hurt that bad. Then the Dookies get embarrassed.

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