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Super Tuesday notes

February 5, 2008

Ben Smith of Politico thinks he’s being sneaky with his “expose” of an Obama event that is not full to capacity. Yo man,  NO POLITICAL EVENT without OPRAH is ever filled to capacity. People generally have better things to do than come out and listen to a bunch of windbags.  Crowd thin? Make everyone sit in the first few rows and make sure the TV cameras have no other shot but the first three rows. It’s a common trick in every good advance man/woman’s trick bag.

It appeared that Sen. Clinton might possibly have shed tears at a campaign event at Yale (an alma mater). Hey, I get misty eyed whenever I see a pair of Air Jordans. Anyway, many are offering this as proof that the New Hampshire Misty Morning of Tears was calculated. I think Sen. Clinton knows the famous saying, “fool me once, shame on — shame on you, fool me — you can’t get  fooled again.”

Gee whiz, I guess Talk Left endorsed Sen. Clinton. If you weren’t sure before, check out how BTD’s head explodes over Michelle Obama’s statements on GMA on Monday.  As with most of her supporters, you can see the beads of sweat forming on their upper lips. See also, McAuliffe’s downplaying of Obama’s $32 mill raised in January. Mme Obama and those who gave more money to Obama’s campaign in January are responding to some ill will created in large part by the Clinton campaign after the NH primary. I told you so, I’m not ashamed to say.

I’m just sayin‘. gambatte ne!

Predictions from The Field. What he said. Except I’m calling New Mexico for Obama. Because me favorite cousin used to live there.

While all these results are coming in, realize that this will not be over after tonight on the Democrat side. It’s quite likely that Obama will win enough delegates to make this very close, but he isn’t going to win every race he’s in. Tonight on our radio show people were just as giddy as schoolgirls in anticipation of tomorrow. In some ways it’s endemic of the effect Obama has on some in the African American community, however I fear it’s just plain nutty. Yes, Obama was 20 % points down and thought of as a long shot months ago. He’s still behind, you know.

How the wins and losses are spun will be indicative. How will Politico, Luntz, Matthews, Russert, Taibbi, et al analyze the numbers they get? How the big dogs view the thing is important. 1) The MSM newspapers and Web sites print their quotes and TV news runs what they say over and over. 2) Secondary sources (sorry guys) like the big blogs take cues from the big dogs and/or argue/complain about them. Part of the reason some of us have Obama Fever is because we were told it is spreading.

I hope people, if too pressed for time to sift through the results to form your own analysis will at least listen to what those blockheads have to say after the polls close and see what you think without  a filter.


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