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The Wire – Season 5, Ep 5 review– This is your city. The Wire is your city on drugs.

February 5, 2008

Joe’s passing leaves Marlo as the coalition leader and sole contact with the Greeks supplying the product. This is what he’s wanted all along, and he’s likely to start knocking off the old heads in the coalition. Bodies will pile up as the investigation gets closer and closer.

Carver gets a tip from his old partner Herc in the form of Marlo’s cell phone number. Is Marlo dumb enough to do business over a burner? Nah, of course not. Or is he?

Duck is tired of being the weak sucka on the streets and seeks the counsel of Cutty, the boxing instructor. Cutty advises that he ought to look for another way, since he has other skills. Duck doesn’t see another way, so he asks Michael to teach him how to shoot. Michael has the same advise. It suggests that Cutty was right, there’s a lot of him in Michael (as shown by the parallel scenes with Michael and Cutty both ceasing fire when a kid pops into their line of sight). This also suggests that Duck perhaps more at stake than any of the other kids on the streets. He’s like a three legged dog in a 100 meter dash.

McNulty’s game gets the Sun’s editors ears to perk up and the mayor as well. He gets the overtime for two detectives and pulls Greggs off her triple murder case (Greggs doesn’t yet realise the ties of her triple to the other 22 bodies Marlo’s responsible for).  Templeton talks to McNulty and gets some info, and cooks up another fake report from a fake homeless person. McNulty figures out Templeton is making things up and has a plan to use this to his advantage.

What is not at advantage for McNulty is his personal life. He’s about to become single again it appears. Callie Thorne fans should have been pleased this week.
Davis is going buck wild and going on the offensive, playing, as they say, the race card. He even got the former mayor to appear with him publically, however, he, just like everyone else, wants Davis to open his parachute and go down gracefully.

Omar provides this week’s drama and cliffhanger when he falls for Chris’ trap and finds himself pinned down behind a couch with bullets flying over his head and into the head of his lone partner. Omar makes a desperate escape . . . by jumping off a 7th floor balcony????

Only gets better each week.   I’m glad there isn’t enough room this season for this show to turn into the McNulty Chronicles as it has threatened too on and off during the series’ run. Still, he has enough screen time to give West enough to do with the character. Trust, it will be more than just him drinking and mauling MILFs.

The standout performances this year are holdovers from last year, Tristan Wilds (Michael) and Felicia Pearson (playing herself). Clark Peters’ Freamon is killing it right now, but the show stealer is Isiah Whitlock, Jr’s Clay Davis. It’s as pitch perfect a portrayal of your inner city small time politician. It’s what makes me laugh about those who complain so much about the old Fords (and those who lump Jr in with them) and Memphis, your plight and your suffering, you bloody gentrificators, is not so unique. There are many like them, but yours, I suppose, is special.

What is even more exquisite about the politics in “The Wire” this year is Carcetti. There were some who were wishing for this kind of mayor to come and rescue your city, but you probably already have one if you live in a metropolis, one with the tough inner city problems that come with living in a metropolis. This is the kind of guy that can turn it around! This is the kind of guy that truly cares about these problems and he’d actually DO something if it weren’t for  . . . those people, you know. This  is the kind of guy who has been thinking about your city as a stepping stone to a higher office and really cant wait to get out of your urban hellhole and off to the governor’s mansion.

Ah, but this is TV and David Simon really likes this Carcetti. He may find his humanitarian spirit again.

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  1. Pandemic permalink
    February 10, 2008 9:02 pm

    wow. whoever wrote that really knows their wire on a deep level. i like where your head is..
    But what about Bubbs?? My far out prediction is that he gets back on drugs and od’s in a vacant, whose body is discovered in a vacant by McNulty and Freeman and used as another false homocide.

  2. February 11, 2008 5:24 pm

    Well, I can say that it doesn’t look like Bubbs is going to fall back on hard times unless something really terrible happens between the next couple of eps and the finale. Have to trust me on that one. 🙂

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