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Live Blogging the Grammys . . . NOT: The Weekend Winners

February 11, 2008

As someone who is supposed to be a music writer, I suppose I should have been watching the grammys. I was at a birthday party for a three year old (you’ll all be there sooner or later, so wipe that bloody smirk off your face) 98 1/2% full of Japanese people. The two older boys there decided that I might make a good stand in for a Power Rangers villain and turned me into a air punching bag. Also I ate so much sushi I might sprout gills. yuuuuuuuummmmmmm.

I subscribe to the Chuck D/Flava Flav Grammy Theory. And thus I have not watched in years. I did get home in time to hear Herbie Hancock’s acceptance speech. Yes, I suppose we can, it appears. I don’t know that we will. But, I hear Obama won a lot this weekend, even a Grammy.

Obama swept the weekend, as most expected, putting him ahead in the pledged delegate count, but still trailing when the SUPER DELEGATES (I wonder if those delegates get a nifty costume with a big “D” on their chest?) are added in. Sen. Clinton in a sure sign that things are looking bad, really bad, replaces her campaign manager with Maggie Williams, a long time aid, Chief of Staff when the senator was a First Lady. Williams is African-American. The former campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, is a Latina. Williams worked on various Senate staffs as a flack and was head of a private PR firm.

Obama is expected to take the next few contests, but the big prizes remaining on the board (Maryland, VA, and DC, with large African American populations), Ohio and Texas  are where Sen. Clinton is still favored. If Obama is looking the inevitable candidate that far down the road, will Ohio and Texas voters wish to just jump on the bandwagon or will they hold their ground? Or will Williams turn things around so that Clinton pulls an upset this week?

So, to sum: winners, Me, Herbie, and Obama. Nice company.

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