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The Wire 5.6

February 11, 2008

I actually thought I lost this recap in the ether. This will be short b/c I’ve got a lot on my plate. I’ll say that you can probably miss this episode and be okay, the next one, too even though you’ll miss a great scene involving Clay Davis and the set up for what is to come. Now . . . 

Omar of course survived the fall, hiding out in the bathroom of the building where he jumped. He’s basically cornered now, going it alone against Marlo’s organization. Using a guerrela war strategy, he’s going to take out Marlo’s muscle and dump his drugs and burn his cash until Marlo comes out to face him.

McNulty and Freamon come up with the answer for Marlo’s cell phone use. Marlo is using the cell phone camera to take pictures. They’re communicating in a code that’s going to be tough to break. Still, they have to try. So it’s up to McNulty to figure out a way to get the needed equipment and manpower. He takes a picture of a fake victim and plans to Email it to the nutter, Templeton.

Carcetti appears to get his balls back in a press conference regarding the “serial killer,” denoting how society has failed these people and how the government needs to pick up the slack. It’s a piety, of course, but a well spoken and probably heartfelt one. Also at the press conference, Daniels gets his moment and takes full advantage. He’s starting to sound like a Police Commissioner, someone who may ride along with Carcetti to Annapolis . . . if Carcetti gets there.

The serial killer story and it’s fallout, more attention to the homeless may well get Carcetti there, seeing has he now has an issue with which to attack the Republican incumbent.

Bunk is on the case of the murder of Michael’s stepfather. He’s sniffing out a link to Marlo and he’s right, of course. He interviews Michael’s mother who puts Bunk on the right track: Michael.

Aside from the Omar drama, that last bit is the most interesting development in the episode. 1) It puts everybody’s favorite young thug Michael in the eye of the judicial system, in real jeopardy of going to jail 2) it pits Bunk’s real policing against McNulty’s fake policing.

Also, as the lies of McNulty get larger, so do the lies of Templeton. Simon’s making paralels between police work and investigative journalism of course.

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  1. February 11, 2008 6:20 pm

    What about the (brief) reemergence of Nick Sobotka? Surely, Simon brought him back in for a purpose, right? Where do you see that going?

    Also, why did the Greeks go back to the same restaurant they abandoned in Season 2? Why go back to same place the police and their enemies (Sobotka) know?

  2. February 11, 2008 6:52 pm

    Yeah I forgot abt the two (possibly) significant cameos, Nick’s and Randy’s being the other (For those who forget Nick was caught up in the goings on at the Pier and Randy was the kid Carver tried to help last year). I think they both got cameos in this episode to show the unintended consequences of being helpful. They’ll both likely fall back on the same path they were before; that’s how it is.

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