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Since Howard Wolfson has Declared Today “Nitpick at Sen. Obama Day”

February 18, 2008

“So I make no apologies for being able to talk good. ”

Sen. Obama during a press conference.

Perhaps you should . . . .

Sen. Clinton, seriously, I think you axed the wrong woman. What is it with this ankle biting attack strategy? Seems to me since just before Iowa there’s been a tendency to address Obama with micro-cuts. As Gillete shows us every couple of years, you need more than one blade to shave a tough beard. You’re like the Grammar Police of the Internets, you know, the person who believes correcting grammatical mistakes akin to scoring points in a debate. Sure, the larger point is supposed to undercut Obama’s oratorical advantage. However, this is just another point that makes Sen. Clinton look small-minded, something that’s always been unbecoming a front runner.


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