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Hobbs Little Buddy, You’ve Done it again!

February 27, 2008


Bill Hobbs, the Tennessee Republican Party spokesperson sent out a presser titled “Anti-Semites for Obama”containing nonsense worrying about the security of Israel should Sen Obama become President, emphasizing the use of the Senator’s middle name, “Hussein,” making hay of Farrakhan’s endorsement and reprinting the picture taken during Obama’s visit to the African continent that Sen. Clinton’s team is accused of releasing. The GOP chair Robin Smith has Hobbs’ back on the racism tip, issuing a statement in support of the use of Obama’s middle name in the same paragraph as concerns about the security of Israel. That’s a good boss, I’ll grant you that.

We in Nashville are used to Hobbs’ Muslim baiting, something that caused him to lose resign from his last job as a flack for Belmont University. Hobbs, on his personal blog, posted the infamous cartoon thought to insult all of Islam, picturing the prophet Mohammed with a bomb. When local bloggers and political activists drew attention to the cartoon, Hobbs was called to the carpet.

The TN GOP knew full well what they were getting when they hired Hobbs, so it’s at least consistent that Smith has come out in support of their weak ass attention grab. However, I don’t think the national party, possibly about to enter a general election fraught with minefields of incendiary issues and facing a well liked multiracial candidate, will be as supportive. Sen. McCain, already dealing with one such problem has denounced (or did he reject strongly?) the use of Sen. Obama’s middle name in a derogatory manner. Even king maker Karl Rove has cautioned against treading in the rough waters of race and religion during the campaign.

Now that the national media has picked up the story (two of the biggest political blogs, politico and The Atlantic have already commented) it can only get worse. B to the G has some reactions in a round-up. How will the party react? They must denounce and also repudiate! Strongly!

Does this remind anyone of Willie Horton, you know where a Democratic campaign used a race bait against another Democrat only to see the attack work better when wielded by Republicans?

Update: With McCain and Sen. Lamar Alexander forced to respond, the story now has legs.


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  1. February 28, 2008 10:39 am

    The white folks are scared to have a black man in the White House… it reminds them of all the evil things they have done over the years. It is amazing how we black folks took all the licks, discrimination, water hoses, and lies – and we are still here and doing what some didn’t think we could.

    Go Obama…


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