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The Wire Episode 59 Review: Lies – They Get Things Done

March 3, 2008

“Late Editions” (my AKA “the real final episode of season 4”)

McNulty and Lester’s plan finally bears fruit. The boys catch Monk “jersey rolling” a stop sign and he panics-evading the police which allows them to search his vehicle just after a huge re-up of the yay-yo. Lester, smiling smugly, gets Daniels to hook up warrants for the arrest of Marlo and crew and act on the murder warrant on Chris.

Michael is as we expect considering the character’s trajectory this year, is a suspected snitch. Well, not really. Marlo and Chris consider themselves to be too shrewd at judging characters to ever pick someone who would fold under duress. However, you can’t be too careful these days. So the hit is on. And Snoop is the one to do it.

Thing is now that you know that much you know who had their death scene in EP 59 because the previews showed Michael puttin’ a head out. But I digress.

While Marlo and Chris commiserate in their holding cell, there’s the discussion of a couple of other key pieces of info besides wondering whether Michael talked to the cops. 1) Marlo finds out that Omar had been besmirching Marlo’s character unbeknownst to him. And Marlo was properly vexed. “My name is my name,” he says. 2) The warrants all read that the telephone code and phone number were discovered via an informant. Now, even though Michael could have snitched on Chris (he didn’t) there was no way for him to have known about the re-up meet up. So really, they have no idea, and Marlo tells his lawyer (Levy) this.

Later, Lester pumps/shakes down Davis for information about the links between money laundering and the big business community in Baltimore. Lester finds out that Levy had a hand in the demise of Stringer Bell and is making money far beyond his legal fees by running game on mid level drug kingpins.

Levy may well get Marlo and Cheese out of jail because of the potential of an illegal wiretap charge/affirmative defense coming from McNulty’s mess. But . . . what about Lester’s info? All he has is a tip from an untrustworthy, but in this instance truthful, source. Can the Davis tip, if not keeping Marlo on the hook, put Levy under pressure?

In a bit of good news, Bubbles has his anniversary in treatment and finally opens up about his past and Sherrod. The reporter from the Sun is right there with him.

Michael’s no choice hit on Snoop is one of the best scenes of the year, should go down in the history of gangster/cop movie death scenes. Pearson’s admonition to Michael at the end, which gives way to a solemn resignation, and a bit of vanity to take her mind of her untimely end, is brilliant. This is followed soon after by another wrenching moment, with Michael sending Bug off to live with his Aunt in the suburbs and sending Dukie into the junkie’s heroine den. Bug sheds tears because he’s a little kid, but Dukie walks slowly, fearfully into the hellhole. We all know where that’s going.

Templeton’s big ass lies are getting him close to a Pulitzer nomination from his grinning sycophantic editors. Gus is hot on the trail of the truth. There is a reporter digging and Gus gets tipped by Alma that the Daniels quote re: Burrell could be false, and gets confirmation re: the Iraq vet’s accusation.

In the end, the killer for nearly everyone’s house of cards, Kima goes to Daniels with what she knows about McNulty’s scheme. Daniels and Rhonda verify via calling the phone number in the warrant to tap the phone of the “Serial killer” and it rings on Marlo’s phone.

Asides: Namond appears at a high school debate with a trophy in his hand. Carcetti just happens to be on hand for a photo-op and he makes an apology to Bunny. Bunny isn’t having it.

Namond is the lucky one. Someone pulled him from the soup. The “system” failed him as much as it did the other kids, it’s just that he was lucky enough to end up where there was someone with a hand to lend. Dukie was too smart and Michael too functional to be in the “corner kids” program, never got a chance with Bunny. Both had their potential saviors, though, if you recall. Both passed on the opportunity. Randy, who we saw again earlier in the season, had his potential savior lose his grip. Despite what happens in the series finale (Dukie on drugs likely, Namond doing fine, Michael still in the shit but achieving his goal of saving Bug from the streets) episode 59 is the real final episode of Season 4.

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  1. Brendan permalink
    March 5, 2008 11:15 am

    Yay-yo is strictly coke, not heroin

    Fuck all them East bitches

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