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Well played, Sen. Clinton. Well Played. Yet, not well enough.

March 4, 2008

Sen. Obama complained today that the media fell for the okey doak as Sen. Clinton and her team put the press on blast, suggesting that they are Obama’s lap dogs. I still scoff at a professional flack pointing to a Saturday Night Live skit as a jump off point, however, it seems to have worked at least for a moment.

What someone in the Clinton squad realized is that one could easily appeal to the vanity of the press. Challenge any beat reporter’s notion of themselves as an independent, impartial observer and watch their blood boil.

The media was doing what the media does, following the story. Obama, the underdog improbable front runner simply is the story in this election. Sen. Clinton trying to become President is an old story from the early 90’s.

But, the challenge to their integrity worked in so much as it caused the appearance of a few inconsequential stories. The Rezko case appeared primarily because of some recent court activity. That was just serendipity for the Clinton team. The Canadian back room “deal” story went away almost as soon as it appeared, even though it’s been floating since after the last debate.

The full court press on the press only ended up knocking Obama off message for the day and a half he spent answering questions about those items, and his rebuttals and denials were the day’s soundbites rather than the usual down with dopes up with your hopes stump speeches.

Clinton got a short, just in the nick of time bump in the Ohio polls. For this Wolfie and Penn are to be commended. Too bad it will be nullified by the horrible weather in Ohio. It takes strongly committed voters to head to the polls in weather like this. People who just made up their mind a couple of days ago are going to think, screw you guys, I’m going home. Older people may also stay home.

With Obama likely to win Texas by inches and get a +10 at least in delegates from that state, the small victory margin in Ohio is not likely to impress people like Bill Richardson. My guess is that he endorses by Thursday at least. No, two cabinet posts were not enough.


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