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Duke UNC 08: II

March 7, 2008

This game is important to non ACC devotes and Duke/Carolina acolytes. The winner of this game will be the #1 seed in the Southern region of the NCAA tournament and will play virtual home games till the elite eight. Jealous? 🙂

I’m predicting a Carolina win.

1) Lawson is back and QT has more confidence as a reserve.

2) I’m certain Coach will have an answer for Duke’s spread offense. That answer is Hansbrough. I kid! I kid. The answer is concentrating on defense. Playing hard is a part of it, but the guys have to be able to recognize Duke’s tendencies in this spread offense. Every player has a “tell,” when they’re going to screen and when they’re going to fake the screen and go to the basket. Hope our lads have been studying.

3) Duke will get into foul trouble, even though it’s a home game for them. Last time a couple of Duke players lasted several minutes late in the game with four fouls, mostly because our guards didn’t challenge them and take advantage, obsessed with launching 3 bombs. Hopefully Ellington will have learned from the last contest. Lawson is of course not afraid to take someone to the cup, and QT should be utilized for the purpose of tiring out the Duke guards. In Duke’s lost to Wake, all five starters fouled out.

4) Live by the three, die by the three. It’s unlikely that all seven (7!) of Duke’s skilled outside shooters will slump all at once, however, they may slump individually at inopportune moments. Our small forwards and guards have to be ready for the long rebounds and when captured, RUN.

EDIT: I suppose it isn’t the best time to be talking up Carolina sports considering the murder of my alma mater’s student body president Eve Carson. I wonder if there are plans to cancel the game? Nah. No way.

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