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Ferraro Steps Down Likely to Avoid Humiliation on Olbermann

March 12, 2008

Her “resignation” is kinda confusing because I thought she said she wasn’t an official part of Sen. Clinton’s campaign. Or maybe she isn’t. Or is. She just raised money. Or told others how to raise money. Or something.

Of course this is just cosmetic. She wont have her name on anything official however she will continue to be a part of the Clinton team I’m sure. It isn’t like she’s going to sit at home and watch Lost, especially now.

In watching the back and forth between supporters of Clinton and well . . . everybody else, I noticed how easy it was for liberals to kick their ideals to the curb to support Clinton in this. One example, a commenter from Sean Braisted’s blog post lampooning Clinton and her relationship to Obama:
“Nobody said it was a nod to affirmative action, thats your own prejudices coming into play.”

Please. Ferraro didn’t have to mention Affirmative Action specifically because everyone, even the most dimwitted right wing talk radio hosts, know what she’s on about when she made her comments. Black people are getting special treament. The media is soft on him because he’s Black. ad infinitum.

I can just imagine the outcry if this were the general election and by some form of bizarre magic Obama was Clinton’s VP candidate and McCain or a McCain surrogate made the same comment as Ferraro had. There would be much rending of garments and hurling the word “racist” at McCain with no problem, most deafiningly from those who are supporting Ferraro now. There would be no interpreting, no supporting, no apologizing, nothing save the din of feral attacks, and rightly so, on McCain.

Is it simply that it doesn’t matter what we do, just win, baby? Or, is it that Ferraro actually speaks truth for a lot of Democrats? That you people, you all, y’all are okay as long as we can come to your churches and mosques and eat your dinners and we know we have your support, but actually if you lot really want a power grab, you must wait until we’re ready for you?

However, it seems that even in the unlikeliest of places, Democrats are ready for us, ready faster than I’d have believed. Though some of y’all are still on the late bus. But, as I’ll get to later, race wasn’t the factor.

Meanwhile, Wolcott remained sadly quiet during the last couple of days, pops us to remind us that the Republicans are trying to trick us. They can’t possibly fear Obama with his flashy smile and preacher’s cadence. No, they’re pulling a Br’er Rabbit, saying that they fear Obama the most when it’s actually Sen. Clinton they’re scared of.

The GOP should well fear either candidate, who both seem primed, if the polls are to be believed, to stomp a mudhole in the McCain campaign. Wolcott remains unimpressed by the vox populi. Obama’s just a suit, after all, and you know, he’s Black, so . . .

For Gerry Ferraro, TGW, Krumm, whomever . . . the reason why Obama is winning is only partially because of the ringing chorus of “Yes we can!” I’m having a hard time understanding why smart people can’t see that Obama’s campaign has just pummeled Clinton’s team in tactics.* They’ve run a better race. Without the Iowa win and the subsequent victories — all from the campaign’s ground game and the talented messenger — Obama would not be winning this thing. He might have started with 70% of the Black vote and (barring the various Clinton surrogate mental lapses) but he would have lost a share of the Black vote later on as the losses piled up. As it stands, he’s got the delegates and the popular vote. What more do you want?

All the history making stuff, that’s just the icing. David Axelrod is just a better baker.

*It seems that people prefer the magical explanations to reality when discussing politics. Remember how everyone claimed Clinton won New Hampshire because she appeared to cry? What bollocks, they were up 20% from the beginning. She had the locals in pocket. They won there for similar reasons as Obama has won his victories.

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  1. staycspits permalink
    March 12, 2008 8:39 pm

    for further analysis on the presidential race see

  2. nick permalink
    May 28, 2008 12:57 pm

    great article,


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