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Too Smart By Half

March 13, 2008

One of the things noted about Obama supporters is that they are made up primarily of well to do elites who find the idea of a Negro President charming and invigorating. I’ve said myself that Obama’s candacy does offer the better off on the left something they may find lacking in themselves. However, that isn’t a fault of Obama, it’s a trait of some of his supporters.

Yet it’s a backhanded compliment. There’s also an implication that many of his supporters are a bunch of simpletons, easily led by the nose by the charm of a charismatic leader. We wont get into the idea that this description, as applied to Bill Clinton, was under the rubric of “political genius” and so his fans were simply following a strong leader (we were indeed).

Not surprisingly, you can see this thread popping up in a lot of places. I don’t know whether it’s our tendency to want to denigrate our opponents or whether it’s that people actually don’t believe that people who have voted for Obama might actually have intellectualized their choice on whom to vote for (or, for that matter, women who have chosen to support Clinton do so for reasons beyond gender solidarity. Well, okay, perhaps not some of them).

Paul Kruggman wonders if Olbermann and progressives have gone mad (and Professor Reynolds agrees). Note to Paul: “ready from day one” is just as much a plan as is “hope.”

This lad at Slate has an Obama Messiah Watch.

Another cult reference.

Taylor Marsh, in support of her battle to prove sexism is more acceptable than racism, says it’s a dick thing.

Now kids, it’s time for The Oppression Olympics! Go for the gold!!

And we can’t forget the hip Black friend.

All suggesting that any support for Obama is not an exercise in considered opinion but either a blind allegiance to race or sex or the mindless and easily swayed.

there are surely some who believe that Clinton supporters only support her for reasons of gender. Of course this is not true. I’d only wish Clinton supporters would return the favor when considering those who support Obama. I don’t expect McCain fans to extend this courtesy, however I do expect this from other Democrats.

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  1. March 13, 2008 12:31 pm

    My day starts like any other persons, until I stop at Starbucks and grab a latte to sip, then I head over to my cult meeting and admire Obama’s skin color, and watch him exude charisma.

    I can understand why some supporters of the opposing campaign can find it hard to understand that I actually look at issues and make informed decisions.

    After all, just look at the schedule I have to keep.

    Mark, thank you for pointing out, what appears to be, the not so obvious for people.


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