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Political Pictures, famous friends

March 14, 2008

Props to bridgett for reminding me that we Dorks have a friend named Shiho and she is a talented photographer. On her Web site she has some great pictures from the Iowa caucuses, some pictures of folks you might recognize.

I also forgot to plug the appearance of my UNC bud on Leno tonight. He’s Brian Dennis and he’s currently touring with Gavin DeGraw, playing lead guitar. Well, I guess you missed it . . . or did you? If you peeped it let me know. Brian was in a band called Dag. Have a listen, mkay? It’s the coolest collection of White dudes you’ll ever see. (I got so into listening to the band whilst attempting to find clips for you all that I lost track of time. . . .)

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  1. David permalink
    July 23, 2008 8:46 am


    Thanks for this post, I’ve been trying to track down Brian — got to see Dag a couple of times while in school at WFU– really enjoyed his playing and sent a note — he actually took the time to write me back and sent some guitar picks! What a cool dude.


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