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BRACKETS! 2008 Version

March 18, 2008

I don’t know if I’m even going to to through the formalities of picking a bracket for this year’s NCAA tournament. I’m already getting some cheap shots at work (and yes every Friday I’m going to wear some Carolina paraphernalia  until the Heels bow out or the nets are cut down, whichever comes first).

UNC is clearly better than any other team out there this year.  Both UCLA and Memphis (if Memphis can even make it past Stanford or Texas) pose problems for the Heels however a potential Tennessee v UNC match up in the regional final looks interesting. I hope Lofton wont have another meltdown under the pressure of Ty Lawson’s defense. 😉  I expect Georgetown to take Kansas but that’s more based on watching last year’s Hoyas than this year’s team, which I haven’t seen a lot of.

The women’s side of the tournament is fraught with more scares than the men’s side if you’re a Tar Heel. Though the Lady Heels are a #1 seed, they can be erratic and Coach Hatchell’s lack of concern over poor free throw shooting over the years bothers me. Does she not watch Hansbrough play? What’s worse, of course, is that LSU, a #2 seed, may get to play a home game in Baton Rouge. This is how you “reward” a #1 seed? The ESPN commentators feel that the Heels can win vs LSU down there, and they’re probably right.

Overall, the women’s tournament should produce more upsets than the men’s tournament.

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