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Ferraro Strikes Back – Thieves in the Passport Temple – Rev. Wright Good Enough for Bill, but Hillary?

March 21, 2008

 “Black folks got too much religion anyway.”
— Ol’ Dawg in Menace II Society

In the hours between me getting home late as usual and finishing dinner, there were three developments in the Democratic primary which, not so amazingly anymore, don’t involve actual votes.

1) Gerry Ferraro is mad about the shout-out she received in Sen. Obama’s speech on race relations. She’s clearly off her meds, arguing that either Obama or Wright or both advocate beating up White people. She is right about one thing, her comments can’t be compared to Wright’s because he didn’t disparage a person’s accomplishments using race as a basis.

In a rational world, the Clinton team would beg her to shut up. However, seeing as this further stokes the fires surrounding the issue and keeps the media’s interest, I’m sure they’ll be sending her out on another round of the chat shows next week.

2) Much more incendiary; US State Deparment officials fired two subcontractors (which I’m guessing translates into “temporary help”) for unauthorized viewing of Sen. Obama’s passport records. There were three views on three separate occasions in January, February and March.

Tonight on Olbermann, David Shuster discovered that the official in charge of the department where the employees worked served as an ambassador under Bill Clinton.

It is my understanding that an employee may take an unauthorized peep at your records without violating the law. The violation is triggered when you pass the information on to other people. Is there any doubt that whatever information these employees discovered was passed on to other people? The mere fact that there were three employees involved is enough to suggest a conspiracy to commit a crime.

Funny that the state department doesn’t agree, innit? Their argument is, we fired the folks, end of story. We don’t see any kind of funny business whatsoever. The problem is, they didn’t even bother to look for any if their official statements on the subject are to be the guide. There’s no internal oversight to investigate the matter (they apparently haven’t filled the position of the investigator who quit her job over suspicions she was involved in the Blackwater mess).

This issue has to be referred to the FBI. Failing that (I can’t imagine the current DoJ would be falling all over themselves to take a look) this is a perfect time for the Congress to grandstand on something besides steroids and conduct a Congressional investigation. The downside of that is the possibility the people who stole the info are linked to the Clinton team somehow. I don’t know if Pelosi wants to risk that. Then again, considering her recent statements on delegates and superdelegates she may be gung-ho. Al @ The Field is thinking similar thoughts, I see.

I guess they were looking to see who Obama may have visited on his various trips out of the country or if they could draw some kind of connection between Obama and some nefarious figure like perhaps Snidley Whiplash.

3) A twist on the should-have-been non-story of Rev. Wright; a picture of Wright at the White House with Bill Clinton, and looking quite friendly I might add, is circulating on the big media blogs (The Times blog says they were given the picture by the Obama campaign, however, it was originally posted to a blog created to dispel rumors about Trinity). Since I don’t think Obama’s connection to Wright should matter, I don’t think a Clinton connection to Wright matters one bit. Yes, yes, the hypocrisy and all that, but I don’t care. It’s an easy one for the ol’ polecat to deflect anyway. Bill Clinton could probably dodge this one in his sleep.

If you look at the full size scan of the photo, in the bottom right corner you can see MC Verb’s uncle Rev. James Forbes.

Some people are actually questioning whether this picture is digitally altered and whether the accompanying White House invitation is a forgery. I can tell you it is not, I have a similar one somewhere in my memorabilia. Also, I recall Verb telling me that his uncle got called to that meeting where Wright is photographed.

This also suggests that the smart people who guessed that one or both of the Clintons have visited Trinity in the past are right. I knew they were.

A sidenote for the nervous nellies who are Obama supporters, after falling even with Clinton in the polls, the RCP shows Obama’s lead climbing a point per day since his big speech. My prediction is that the trend will continue until he’s back to where he was right after Ferraro’s big ass gaffe.

Our own guv’nah down here in Tennessee who is on the medium length list of Vice-Presidential candidates, Phil Bredesen, has proclaimed this primary to be “too divisive.” Bredesen is a moderate, pragmatist and businessman who suggests a solution to all this would be a very accountant like head count of super delegates. He’s been relatively quiet for most of the primary, and the fact he’s on record now suggests the super delegates are getting worried and are really looking for a way to end this thing by June at least, definitely before the convention.

Did anyone else think the mentions of Monica Lewinsky in light of Sen. Clinton’s release of her schedule as First Lady was way way out of bounds?

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  1. representativepress permalink
    March 21, 2008 4:39 am

    See videos: Shame On Joe Scarborough, MSM and Obama Parts 2, 3 and 1
    Scarborough wants the public to believe a lie. Scarborough calls Rev. Wright’s statements about Nagasaki and Hiroshima in his sermon a “hateful tirade.” The American people don’t deserve to be manipulated and lied to.

    [The Dork: maybe next time just a link to your site would be enough]

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