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Lard of the Flies

March 22, 2008

Couple of videos related to the Obama speech going viral involving Fox News. One of of their morning shows, “Fox and Friends” (doesn’t that sound like something that would normally be on Sprout?) two dimwits engaged in a “discussion” about an off the cuff comment Sen. Obama made whilst speaking with some sports reporters on a Philadelphia radio station in which he claimed his grandmother may react like a “typical white person” in certain situations. What he meant or didn’t mean by the statement was under the intense scrutiny that only a Fox News morning show anchor can provide.

One Fox journalist (Brian Kilmeade) disagreed with the host’s interpretations of the statement and attempted to explain from a different point of view. He ended up walking off the set. Later, Chris Wallace appeared for his segment on the show and complained about Fox’s incessant coverage of the statement, thinking they were missing the point and ignoring the magnanimity of the speech Obama made on the previous day.

Are we getting to see how transformative the “More Perfect Union” speech is becoming? Or, as some are suggesting, are the Fox kids putting on a big pro wrestling style drama just to lure Obama to the show for an interview?

I think it’s the former. To argue that the conflicts portrayed in the video are staged and scripted is to give Fox too much credit. Way too much. Those two airheads acting as hosts couldn’t remember their lines that well. More seriously, all involved appeared to be genuine in their opinions, even those two with the less nuanced opinions. Also, Wallace went on Kilmeade’s radio show to continue the discussion.

They are spinning it a little to make Fox look good (and not drive their core audience away). But Fox’s place in this is tangential.
Richardson used the speech as his main reason for endorsing Obama. Cover or not, that is what he said. The “super” delegates are moving to try to bring some closure to this race now, like Gov. Phil Bredesen’s proposal for a superdelegate primary (something that probably wouldn’t work, I mean, you’d have to have a campaign to impress the supers, and what exactly would that entail? Some speeches? A mini-primary held during a three-day bender in Vegas?)

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