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Hillary Clinton Ain’t Hittin’ in Japan

March 26, 2008

This morning I caught the “world news” section of the Japanese language news program Fujisankei News. Sen. Clinton’s “misstatement” on the sniper fire, or absence thereof, during her landing in Bosnia in 1996 was profiled. They used their own raw footage of the event it appears, because I had not seen the footage anywhere else. Clinton walked w/ Chelsea in tow with a massive military and press entourage with a frozen fake smile on her face as if she would rather be anywhere else than there, and was just a hair shy of letting the world know. She dutifully downed some MREs with the troops. I didn’t hear any chatter and there was no voice over from the announcer.

It was interesting the way the show replayed her “I mispoke” moment, first at normal speed with Japanese subtitles, then in slow motion while the narrator explained as if to emphasize her dismissive comment. The view expressed was that the Bosnia flap will be damaging to her campaign.

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