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The Greatest Video Ever in the History of Citizen Journalism/Hip Hop Bum Rushes

March 26, 2008

Rap historian Davey D turns the tables on Fox News’ Griff Jenkins. Jenkins, Bill O’Really flunkie, cornered Jesse Jackson at the Take Back America conference badgering Jackson to denounce and reject the statements made by Rev. Wright. Apparently, there was a que of people waiting to ask Jackson questions at the event, and Jenkins, feeling the pull of White privilege that can only come as baggage from working for Fox, pushed to the front of the line. Jenkins obviously has never been to Bed Sty, where that shit don’t play. Davey D decided to press his own issues with Jenkins and Fox, which O’Reilly played on his own show as an example of the scary enraged Black man.

You can view a video of the incident here.

Davey D explains his side of the story here.

and here’s an unedited version of the confrontation, audio only.

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