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BRACKETS! 2008 Version: It’s Final, Heels One of the Four

March 30, 2008

Psycho T: Unbelievable. Who said he didn’t deserve player of the year?


I don’t want him to have to do that for the next (two?) games.

After the Tar Heels broke out just a bit to that 12 point lead, Verb and I figured that at the half Pitino would have a plan and make adjustments, and that he did. Rather than try and run with us, he switched up to the Duke offense that seemed to work so well against the Heels during the regular season. For that to work, however, his players had to hit as many shots as Duke did during that first regular season contest. In the end, they didn’t, however. For a brief period, they exposed a weakness in our half court defense. However, when the shots stopped falling (due in part to good perimeter defense) they tried to pound the ball down to David Padgett and he wasn’t quite up to the task last night.

Of course we don’t have to worry TOO much should we face Davidson. We know what  Curry can do already and we’ve beaten Davidson once this year. Now, Kansas, a little tougher as they’ve got a better front line. Not as good as ours, especially not at this point in time, but better. What’s more, their guard is every bit as good as Curry.

The one team I would not like the Heels to have to play would be UCLA. Kevin Long is going to present us a lot of problems and is going to play Hansbrough smart. He’s wider than Padgett, perhaps bigger than any other center Hansbrough as faced this year and wont have to be too aggressive to alter Psycho-T’s shots. If Hansbrough is hitting from 1 7 feet as he was tonight, that could change things if Long is playing out of the paint a lot, that should leave Thompson and Stephenson open for rebounds or layups and dunks IF they are on their game. I don’t like to depend on either of those guys however they have played well this tournament.

But let’s worry about the next game, see who we end up playing tonight but celebrate a great win for a couple of days. And save your pennies for that 08 championship t-shirt and/or mug and/or cap and/or kids’ t-shirt.

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  1. April 2, 2008 11:31 pm

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