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Battlestar Galactica: Season Four, Ep 1

April 6, 2008

Well, I managed to do an entire season for The Wire so I’ll try with BSG as another series heads towards the exits.

I’ve found BSG to be a mixed bag. I hated it after the first season, but gave it one more chance and found rewards with a decent season two. The writers and actors really put together some good work in the latter half of season three, but with Starbuck having a J.R. Ewing moment and the complete and utter mess that was the introduction of four of the five final Cylons, I figured the writers just got lucky last year. This season we will see if I’ve been right all along (As I was about Heroes, you all have to admit*)

We find Anders, one of the four, being recognized as a cylon by a pilot drone, so we can assume for now that they are what they believe they are; at least that’s the path Moore wants us to follow. Starbuck is back and is immediately under suspicion as being a cylon.

Baltar finds refuge with some proto-hippies who come to believe in the “one true god.” Most of them are women, and some sort of sexual cult has built up around Gaius.

Starbuck brings pack pictures she claims to be of Earth, and no one believes her.

The members of the four meet in private and talk about their existential angst over being cylons. Tigh is all about rugged individualism, saying he doesn’t have to act like a cylon even though he is one.

Adama and Madam President are very cozy, sharing quarters.

That’s about all the catching up we get (likely more than we need). Lee stays out of the military for now, considering a job with the government. Baltar takes advantage of his newfound situation, getting freaky with a worshiper and barely escapes yet another assassination attempt. Meanwhile, he engages in some Judeo-Christian style prayer and he believes a miracle occurs as a result. He was in fact, looking like (a White) Jesus for a moment before he shaved his beard. Starbuck forces the President to listen to her story at gunpoint, then . . . to be continued.

I didn’t find much interesting in this episode, so there isn’t much to analyze. Most of it was exposition, dramatically presented exposition, but exposition. Now that we’ve seen Katee Sackhoff playing another version of Starbuck on the mercifully short lived Bionic Woman I wonder if this is all she can do? Will she be grabbing her head and rolling about on the floor, screaming “wez goin da wrong waeeeeeeee” all season? What was with James Callis’ bug-eyed emoting when he fell in with the cult? He looked like Steppin Fetchit. Along with Michael Hogan, these three were the best of last season. Hope we can expect better.

Starbuck’s miraculous visit to the Earth, a nod to the OG Starbuck’s after/near death experience on the Ship of Lights, could have been a visit to the Cylon homeworld. Only cylons were in the area to perform such a feat . . . but . . . if the cylon “god” is actually some being working the puppet strings on all this, it would be, besides MAD corny, that the Cylon homeworld is Earth. No real evidence for that for the moment, though it would certainly explain creationism (but not Buddhism, etc)

BSG geeks might want to go back to the infamous “crack the clues” Last Supper inspired photo at the Entertainment Weekly site after watching the first episode of this season. Most of what Moore hinted at with the graphic is played out in this episode. There are only a few literal correlations to the original painting. Tyrol as Peter with the knife stands out the most. He’s probably going to shank Boomer. Or her kid.

Although Six is in Jesus’ spot in the lineup, I dunno is she the savior? Natalie is a previously unseen version of Six and appears to have beef with Six. Catfight! Maybe Natalie is looking at Boomer and Helo.

There’s an open book, presumably the Kobol bible, on one side, and a closed copy on the other. Can be interpreted all sorts of ways, believers and non-believers being the most obvious.

Tigh is turning a blind eye to his situation. ha.

Baltar is sitting in Paul’s spot. He is not teh Jesus.

I hope we don’t have to sit through a crucifixion scene at some point.

I don’t really care for this way of explaining the series, not out of religious sensitivity (duh) but because of the show’s annoyingly persistent Eurocentrism. Also, it’s so tiresome, so many Sci-Fi series present us with robots or androids or aliens who want nothing more to be human. Someone needs to make a series where such creatures actually succeed in becoming human and find out how lame it all is (death, taxes, Perez Hilton, etc)

*I’ve been arguing how corny and lame Heroes is, with it’s shameless robbery from old Japanese manga and The Matrix (itself influenced by Japanese animation), and I think the disappointment everyone seemed to be expressing about last season was people finally seeing the Emperor’s New Clothes and the limitations of the series’ dramatic capabilities. The show didn’t become lame, it always was.

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    Keep it up, bookmarked and referred a few friends.

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