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To Serve Tibet: It’s . . . it’s a cookbook!

April 8, 2008

Before I was sucked into the bowels of mainstream politics by the lure of late night bashes with lobbyists and White House soirées, I was strictly on the protest politics tip. I’ve done the sit-ins, lived in the shanty towns, marched the march. I’m all for tactics of civil disobedience.

I didn’t like what happened to the people carrying the Olympic torch in Europe this weekend. I consider those actions to be physical assaults on the person. Tossing water on the torch to extinguish it is fine political theater. Grabbing the torch out of the hands of some terrified athlete while screaming about Tibet is battery.

The incidents are also raising questions about the Chinese security team charged with keeping watch over the flame. Even one of the victims of a protestor’s attack expressed concerns about the men. They are apparently part of the Chinese equivalent of Delta Force on loan to the IOC.

Funny this is all shaking out like those movies that attempt to deal with troubling social and political issues, especially where leftist issues are concerned. The two sides are presented as extremists, and in the middle therein, the good guys.

I don’t support boycotting the games. I’m hoping that IOC officials and perhaps even some athletes show some solidarity to Tibet once the games begin. I’m in support of this:

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