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Bill Clinton Claims, Quite Unecessarily, That He is Not a Racist

April 22, 2008

I know the big pull quote on this statement will be about Clinton’s caught-on-tape profanity, but listen closely as Pres. Clinton avoids the question, in a clever but sneaky way, posed to him regarding the South Carolina statement. The statement in question is his response to a reporter where he used the phrase “that’s bait, too,” not having to do with some conversation he had with elected officials as he claims in this radio interview. (not sure where to offer the fist tap, I first saw this posted at Time’s RCP, and later in my side bar at Super Tuesday Blog.)

I think Bill’s a tad oversensitive if he thinks anyone is calling him a racist. Spinning it to place himself in the victim’s position is both savvy politically and disturbing psychologically, lol.

Sorry Mr. President but you do have to take a little “shit” on that statement. You had your guard down, as you’ve seem to have had it down during the entire campaign. I probably would be taking it all a bit more emotionally if Psychick were running for office, so I feel you paht-nah, but in the main you’ve been a liability when you were expected to be a boon.

Newsflash to everyone: It is entirely possible for people who are generally non-racist to make a racist statement. If you screw up it isn’t a condemnation of your entire being, you just screwed up.

But as we know it is uncharacteristic of the Clinton’s to admit to a mistake readily. Smart people tend to have that quirk, being so used to being right all the time . . . and to be so vested in their intellectual capabilities, and in this case, their idea of themselves as the Ultimate Friend of the Downtrodden.

Wonder how much different the campaign might have been had Clinton said, “Man, I wasn’t thinking, I took the bait, I never meant to demean Obama’s accomplishments nor Jackson’s.” Black people tend to be forgiving, especially to the Clintons. I still believe that moment will be viewed as one of the camapaign game changers (aside from Obama’s Iowa win), the moment when Clinton ceded the Black vote to Obama completely.

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