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April 30, 2008

The latest WSJ/NBC poll shows what we’ve known all along to be true; this is a great environment for Democrats but a difficult one for the two Democratic candidates.

While a solid majority of responders cast aspersions on Bush and Republicans, McCain does a bit better. He trails Obama by three and Clinton by one, a virtual tie with both. McCain’s strengths are the public’s perception of him as a war hero, a “maverick” and a tough ol’ dude, like Col. Tigh on Battlestar Galactica. But like that old coot, McCain is a Cylon. The maverick role is just that, though McCain certainly believes he’s an independent actor (all the better to sell your act) he’s voted with the Bush adminstration about 90% of the time.

That missing 10% is McCain picking his battles well, as he opposed the Bush administration on items like waterboarding, stem cell research, the sexy issues.

There’s no compelling reason to vote for this guy unless you are satisfied with the status quo; recession, oil dependent, gunship diplomacy, diminished Civil Rights (see The Patriot Act). The question isn’t whether we’re safer now than six years ago (let’s be honest, we have no way of knowing for sure) the question is are we better off? We’re worse.

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