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Taking a Break From All My Worries

May 20, 2008

To talk about Bill Hobbs and the Tennessee GOP. Look (Obama-ism #21), Hobbs is about Hobbs. Flacks in the game are supposed to stay in the shadows. If more than, oh, 10,000 people know your name and your job description IS NOT addressing the White House press corps, you’ve failed at your job. Your candidate/issue/party is supposed to be in the spotlight . . . and in a good light, not looking like an unshaven backwoods bum with last night’s drool dried up on the corner of it’s mouth. So, Hobbs isn’t doing his job, he wants to be where everybody knows his name. He wants to be Phil Valentine.
He wants to deliver the zingers on drive time radio.

I can understand that. He wants to move on to bigger and better. It isn’t a tough, challenging gig being the TNGOP flack. It doesn’t take much to motivate the home team, just put up a picture of a brown person looking vaguely foreign or feign outrage at the lack of a colorful pin or attack, then retreat and complain that others have taken your attack too seriously. Mention God a little. It’s as easy as that! There’s no real “boss” to give orders. The national party is busy raising money, the statewide office holders are off on juntas or legislating and the local office holders are partying at the “Vu.”So, understand, it’s just that Hobbs is bored and is looking for something a little more challenging, like being one of those “funny” drive time radio DJs. Just like Phil Valentine.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

yes I know I posted the clip before but a)I never get tired of it and b) youtube took it down

PS – this is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in awhile.


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