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The Republicans: The Party of Whine and Cheese

October 12, 2008

Let us recall Jonas Goldberg, son of Lucianne Goldberg, the woman who also gave us Linda Tripp. Goldberg the Lesser is one of those handwringing conservatives looking for a bloody shirt to wave at any opportunity in these times when nearly any Republican shirt is dampened with the blood of soldiers and innocents, Wall St. financiers and laid off workers . . . and the McCain campaign. Rather than assist McCain in his last dash attempt at rehabbing his wayward campaign, Goldberg wants to fight old battles. Goldberg was shocked, SHOCKED I SAY SHOCKED, to find McCain supporters being flipped off whilst sashaying through the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

First, why is he shocked that anyone in NYC is flipping someone off? Second, what did these fools expect? A Republican march (during a street fair no less) in Manhattan is akin to the Ku Klux Klan’s march through Skokie, IL (evinced by the number of older people tossing Hitler references at the McCain fans).

Goldberg goes on to try and make his whining relevant by pointing out Ayers, etc.** Yawn. Do these people like Phil Valentine and the like really think anyone outside a small subset of hard right conservatives give a flying fuck about Bill Ayers? Does anyone seriously think Obama, as a result of his association with Ayers, is suddenly going to start singing the “Internazionale” and plotting a communist uprising? If Obama becomes President of these here United States, would he not be then plotting an uprising AGAINST HIMSELF?

Other conservatives have been doing a different kind of whining, though. At first, it was the old school Republicans with the big “R,” the Nixonites and the Reganites, who, aghast at the ghastly appearance of Sarah Palin riding in on a polar bear holding a carbine rifle to save the McCain campaign, began the gnashing of teeth, from Peggy Noonan’s candid camera moment to George Will’s measured exasperation. Finally, Ed Rollins even caved, probably unnerved by McCain’s new rescue plan (it didn’t involve Chuck Norris or MIAs). This weekend, the slack jawed who have been McCain’s strongest supporters, like “Little” Bill Kristol are now going on the tube and denouncing AND rejecting McCain as if he were Rev. Wright, wagging their red tipped fingers and screaming “I told you so,” from the top of their lungs.

Though they have different reasons for running a Judas move on the top of the GOP ticket, some sound, some not, they all have the same cause for going against him – he’s about to lose. My friends, with friends like these . . . .

I understand the opportunists coming out today. They have their careers to think of and don’t want to be on the wrong side of history, so they want to go on record now has having had the foresight to see McCain was all wrong 23 days out. I don’t understand people like George Will and David Brooks who are now having such angst over how their political party is being run.

Where have any of them been over the last 20 years when Limbaugh rose to power and spawned his spiteful seed all over radio land and showed Rupert Murdock the power of poison airwaves.

I’ll tell you where they’ve been; reaping the benefits of the new Limbaugh spawned market for anti-intellectual blather. How many more TV appearances and the like were this lot able to procure because of all the conservative talk radio shows hungry for guests? How many books were these folks able to sell because they had a new venue and hungry readers (even if they didn’t understand what was being said)?

I suppose that makes Valentine equally as reasonable as George Will, in this instance, for once in his life, because as it turns out, they’re both just mad ‘cause their party, if not their boy, is going to lose.

George Will, I hate to break it to you, but talk radio show host style politics will not end with this election and McCain’s defeat, bud. Your brothers in arms are arguing that the reason McCain lost is because his sleezy attacks were not strong enough, and the standard bearer for cheesy politics, Sarah Palin, is going to be vaulted to the de facto party leadership position. No, bud, your long national nightmare is just beginning.

(edit) we here at DN find Palin really scary. Now see why at Sullivan’s Daily Dish and check the video.

**Goldberg also finds the “McCain fomenting violence and hatred story is bunk” but gives no reason other than his assertion that Dems are being hypocrites by drawing attention to the matter of McCain supporters shouting “terrorist” after his VP candidate calls Obama a terrorist. I guess there is a reason why most Political Psychoanalysis professors are liberals, because we seem to be the only side who grasp the concepts.

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  1. Wes Freeman permalink
    January 17, 2009 6:21 am

    Mark thinks of the Republicans the same way I think about blacks in America. They are too damn dumb to just flip off, I have decided to never give a black in this Country an even break.
    They have rallied behind a man that is not a citizen of America and at one time his ancestors sold the ancestors of their own people into slavery. So I will never hire another black because I need workers with a mind of their own, not a bunch of looney lemings.


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