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Colin Polls-well

October 19, 2008

The results of the poll, with a massive 23 participants, correctly predicted that Collin Powell would endorse Barack Obama this morning on NBC’s Meet the Press.

Meanwhile, John McCain was on Fox making the argument that Powell’s endorsement was expected and of no surprise and little consequence, of so little consequence McCain scheduled at last second appearance on Fox News Sunday to try and mitigate the announcement.

The talking points on Powell’s endorsement are “One endorsement doesn’t matter(except when we announce an endorsement);” “He was going to do this anyway (because he is Black if you recall);” “Only the media will care, not real Americans.”

Yet when the one endorsement is from one of the most universally respected figures in public service — the one Republican with sky-high favorability ratings — it does matter. It will matter to some White males, like Sam the Plumper, er, plumber. Despite the problem the anti-war left has will Powell (with good reason in spite of his efforts at rehabilitating his image), Powell remains in good standing with many liberal Democrats. Yes, the media will care, and since the announcement occurred on a Sunday, will be a story through Tuesday. It even drug Matthews away from his pancake breakfast to do a very special edition of “Hardball.”

Some believe that the right will try to destroy Powell. I really don’t think they are that stupid, despite the evidence of the clumsy attempt by Fox and Malkin to lampoon him as a rap music convert (they will take coded language wherever they can find it). It would be like trying to discredit Santa Claus.

Yet, in one way they are correct about this only being one endorsement. However, when placed in the larger context of the moderate Republican flight from the McCain/Palin ticket, Obama’s support looks stronger day by day, and McCain’s hopes continue their slide towards oblivion.


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