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Curse You Palin!

October 19, 2008

What a waste, after all the build up, Sarah Palin’s appearance on Saturday Night Live was really uninspired. It was pretty much like any other time Lorne Michaels invites a previously lampooned person to appear on the show for some vengeance, just like Mark Wahlberg’s similarly sporty but unfunny appearance. “Oh noes! It’s the real person we’ve just been making fun of all season.” Can’t believe we skipped out on Religulous for it.

Ah, but at least Palin didn’t attempt to rap. I shudder at the thought of her stumbling through that.

Perhaps you’ve heard; when Palin appeared on comedian Rush Limburger’s talk show previously, he asked her if she had any plans after the campaign. I suppose he could have meant, are you going to take a vacation? But he didn’t. Even the jolly fat man thinks McCain/Palin is doomed.

I think Palin does as well. At this point, I think she’s a rogue operative, looking out for her future. That future will have politics as a side bar. It’s very likely that after her term as governor is up, Fox News and a CBS radio affiliate will be waiting with zero besotted checks in hand. She’s grabbing for all the air time the McCain team will allow in preparation.

I wonder what her show will be called . . .
“It’s Sarah! (wink)?”
“The Sarah Palin Abuse of Power Hour?”
“The Maverick Report?”
“The Folksy Talk Express with Sarah Palin?”
“Pallin’ Around With Palin?”
“Wurzelbacher and Palin?”

Ah well, one can only dream.

Much funnier than Palin’s SNL bit was Darrell Hammond’s rarely seen these days Jesse Jackson impersonation.
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