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Oh Noes! Actual Fraud! Republican Arrested on Suspicion of Voter Registration Fraud!

October 20, 2008

Malkin, Limbaugh, Valentine, Hannity all experience spontaneous combustion simultaneously.

Marc Jacoby, owner of Young Political Majors (which sounds like the name of an early 90’s conscious rap crew) was arrested on suspicion of voter registration fraud. His own error was to register himself at an address where he no longer lived so that he could continue to collect signatures. However, his organization is accused of attempting to trick people into registering Republican. How? By a) telling them that they are signing a petition to strengthen laws against child molestation or b) telling them they MUST register as a Republican to support the legislation.

Apparently there was a stand-off at the hotel where Jacoby was staying. Maybe the cops kept yelling for him to come out and he refused. He was just inside “helping” people fill out registration forms.

YPM is paid a sum of money for every person they register as a Republican.

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